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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Pool/Snooker events.

Bet type
05 March 2021
Gibraltar Gibraltar Open
10:00Boiko I.2.53.30 Allen M.-2.51.38 
10:00Murphy S.-1.52.18 Brecel L.1.51.65 
10:00Junxu P.1.51.80 McGill A.-1.51.93 
10:00Hill A.1.51.90 Clarke J.R.-1.51.87 
12:30Gilbert D.-1.51.92 Robertson J.1.51.88 
12:30Lawler R.1.52.95 Un-Nooh T.-2.52.00 
12:30Ning L.-1.51.93 O'Neill J.1.51.80 
12:30Peifan L.-1.52.18 Emery D.1.51.65 
15:00Lines O.-1.51.80 Patrick F.1.51.95 
15:00Wenbo L.-1.52.31 Milkins R.1.51.47 
15:00Woollaston B.1.51.75 Carter A.-1.52.02 
15:00Williams M.-2.51.82 Vahedi S.1.53.40 
15:00Wen Bo L.01.72 Milkins R.02.05 
17:30McManus A.-1.52.04 Jianbo Z.1.51.73 
17:30White J.2.52.10 Bingham S.-2.51.67 
17:30Slessor E.1.51.83 Gould M.-1.51.93 
17:30Guodong X.-2.51.50 Wilson J.2.52.45 
20:00Perry J.01.75 Walden R.02.05 
20:00Wakelin C.1.52.88 Selby M.-1.51.38 
20:00Ursenbacher A.-1.51.61 Mann M.1.52.25 
20:00Wilson K.-1.51.70 Selt M.1.52.10 
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