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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Pool/Snooker events.

Bet type
07 February 2023
England Championship League
12:00Robertson N.-1.52.18 Milkins R.1.51.66 
12:00Gilbert D.-0.51.62 Selt M.0.52.20 
14:00Gilbert D.-0.51.67 Milkins R.0.52.10 
17:30Robertson N.-1.52.30 Gilbert D.1.51.59 
18:30Milkins R.-0.51.73 Selt M.0.52.00 
19:30Robertson N.-0.51.67 Higgins J.0.52.10 

08 February 2023
England Championship League
12:00Higgins J.-1.52.20 Selt M.1.51.71 
12:00Williams M.-1.52.23 Milkins R.1.51.58 
13:00Selby M.-1.52.04 Selt M.1.51.71 
14:00Gilbert D.-0.52.25 Higgins J.0.51.57 
14:00Selby M.-1.52.20 Milkins R.1.51.61 
15:00Robertson N.-1.52.60 Williams M.1.51.44 
17:30Robertson N.-1.51.97 Selt M.1.51.81 
17:30Higgins J.-1.52.23 Milkins R.1.51.63 
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