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07/12 14:00Great Britain UK ChampionshipJunhui D. - Yan B.Over 9.52.00Under 9.51.75
09/12 20:00Great Britain Scottish OpenBurns I. (1.5)1.45 Steadman C. (-1.5)2.55 
07/12 14:00Great Britain UK ChampionshipJunhui D. (-2.5)2.45 Yan B. (1.5)1.95 
09/12/2019 03:00Great Britain Scottish OpenRobertson N.2.00
08/12/2019 23:00Tournaments Mosconi CupEuropa1.45

The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Pool/Snooker events.

Bet type
07 December 2019
Great Britain UK Championship
14:00Junhui D.2.38X2.50Yan B.3.80
20:00Maguire S.2.59Allen M.1.52

09 December 2019
Great Britain Scottish Open
11:00Donaldson S.1.25Peifan L.4.06
11:00Junhui D.1.33White M.3.45
11:00Hamilton A.1.44Heathcote L.2.88
11:00Un-Nooh T.1.66Wenbo L.2.08
11:00Castle B.J.2.02Carty A.1.83
11:00Williams R.2.09Wakelin C.1.77
11:00Clarke J.R.2.25Dunn M.1.62
11:00Greene G.2.27Slessor E.1.66
11:00Lichtenberg S.3.25Lines P.1.36
11:00Lee A.4.26O'Brien F.1.24
11:00Lee C.4.00O'Brien F.1.20
12:30Wilson G.1.15Lawler R.5.67
12:30Haotian L.1.71Higginson A.2.19
14:00Allen M.1.06Hicks A.9.63
14:00Hawkins B.1.15Astley J.5.67
14:00Jiahui S.1.33Sargeant B.3.45
14:00Milkins R.1.55Bond N.2.52
14:00Ursenbacher A.2.52Holt M.1.55
15:00Higgins J.1.11O'Neill J.7.19
15:00Un-Nooh T.1.66Wen Bo L.2.26
15:00Clarke J.2.27Dunn M.1.66
15:00Stefanow A.2.88Grace D.1.44
17:30Perry J.1.07Collumb M.8.89
17:30Maguire S.1.22White J.4.54
20:00Dott G.1.13Figueiredo I.6.21
20:00Selby M.1.22Joyce M.4.54
20:00McGill A.1.27Miah H.3.89
20:00Brecel L.1.71Gould M.2.19
20:00Burns I.1.92Steadman C.1.91
20:00Craigie S.2.10Fu M.1.76
20:00Jones Jk.2.35King M.1.62
20:00Jones J.2.30King M.1.55
20:00Filipiak K.2.88Georgiou M.1.44
21:00Robertson N.1.09Doherty K.8.08
21:00Day R.1.14Chuan Leong R.T.6.21
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