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Tipster Competition

Standing - Tips

Rules and Instructions

It runs on a monthly basis and it's free but the operation is similar as with real money.


You can only participate with a single username.

Bet types

There are 5 types of bets you can place:

Match Who will win or will be best classified (1 - X - 2).
Winner Outright of a tournament.
Over/Under Overcome or not a given number of goals/points/sets/runs in a match.
Handicap 1X2 Same as a Match bet, but an advantage (Line) is given to one of the participants.
Asian Handicap Same as a Handicap 1X2 bet, but the Tie/Draw (X) is disregarded.

Maximum stake

You can bet 10 units at most per tip, and 1000 units at most per month.


The odd provided to place a bet is the higher among all the bookmakers.

Place bets

Click on the Tip icon next to an odd to place your bet.


To build the standing, bets are taken into consideration according to the Date of Event, and the ranking is determined by the Gain obtained.

Good luck!