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Montenegro 1. CFL Statistics
Real MadridTip 2.03XTip 7.80ChelseaTip 2.23
Real Madrid0Tip 1.75 Chelsea0Tip 1.92 
Real MadridChelseaOver 12Tip 2.20Under 11.5Tip 1.77
Real MadridLiverpoolOver 12Tip 2.09Under 11.5Tip 1.84
Real Madrid-0.25Tip 1.75 Liverpool0.25Tip 1.91 
Real MadridTip 1.92XTip 7.90LiverpoolTip 2.38
Real MadridTip 1.76XTip 8.10BarcelonaTip 2.65
Real Madrid-0.75Tip 1.80 Barcelona0.75Tip 1.86 
Real MadridBarcelonaOver 12Tip 1.98Under 11.5Tip 1.93
ChelseaTip 2.24XTip 7.70Real MadridTip 2.02
ChelseaReal MadridOver 11Tip 1.70Under 11Tip 1.98
Chelsea0.25Tip 1.80 Real Madrid-0.25Tip 1.86 
Liverpool0.25Tip 1.84 Real Madrid-0.25Tip 1.82 
LiverpoolReal MadridOver 12Tip 2.12Under 11.5Tip 1.82
LiverpoolTip 2.30XTip 7.80Real MadridTip 1.97
BarcelonaTip 2.69XTip 8.20Real MadridTip 1.75
BarcelonaReal MadridOver 12Tip 1.90Under 11.5Tip 2.00
Barcelona0.75Tip 1.88 Real Madrid-0.75Tip 1.78 
Bayern Munich-0.25Tip 1.82 Real Madrid0.25Tip 1.84 
Bayern MunichReal MadridOver 13Tip 2.13Under 12.5Tip 1.80
Bayern MunichTip 1.97XTip 8.10Real MadridTip 2.28
UEFA Champions League Group B -
Real Madrid1.38
UEFA Champions League Statistics
Shakhtar DonetskTip 8.00XTip 5.75Real MadridTip 1.43
Shakhtar DonetskReal MadridOver 3.5Tip 2.06Under 3.5Tip 1.89
Shakhtar Donetsk1.5Tip 1.91 Real Madrid-1.5Tip 2.05 
Shakhtar Donetsk2Tip 1.89 XTip 4.44 Real Madrid-2Tip 3.35 

Spain ACB Statistics
Real Madrid-8Tip 2.06 XTip 16.00 Baskonia8Tip 1.91 
Real Madrid-8Tip 2.02 Baskonia8Tip 1.90 
Real MadridBaskoniaOver 159.5Tip 1.95Under 159.5Tip 1.91
Real MadridTip 1.33XTip 17.50BaskoniaTip 4.00

Europe Euroleague Men Statistics
Real MadridLyon-VilleurbanneOver 158.5Tip 1.92Under 158.5Tip 1.92
Real MadridTip 1.08XTip 24.00Lyon-VilleurbanneTip 8.25
Real Madrid-14Tip 1.93 XTip 16.00 Lyon-Villeurbanne14Tip 2.04 
Real Madrid-14Tip 1.86 Lyon-Villeurbanne14Tip 1.96 

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