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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming events of Basketball USA.

Bet type
Seattle Storm2.52.08 Phoenix Mercury-2.51.83 
Minnesota-3.51.83 Chicago Sky3.52.07 

Milwaukee Bucks-0.5Tip 1.83 Brooklyn Nets0.5Tip 2.00 
Los Angeles Lakers-5Tip 1.96 Golden State Warriors5Tip 1.96 

Detroit Pistons2Tip 2.05 Chicago Bulls-2Tip 1.89 
Charlotte Bobcats-1.5Tip 1.89 Indiana Pacers1.5Tip 2.05 
Toronto Raptors-3Tip 1.91 Washington Wizards3Tip 2.05 
New York Knicks-0.5Tip 1.85 Boston Celtics0.5Tip 1.97 
Memphis Grizzlies-7.5Tip 1.93 Cleveland Cavaliers7.5Tip 2.01 
New Orleans Pelicans1.5Tip 1.97 Philadelphia 76ers-1.5Tip 1.97 
Minnesota Timberwolves-4.5Tip 1.97 Houston Rockets4.5Tip 1.97 
San Antonio Spurs-5.5Tip 1.97 Orlando Magic5.5Tip 1.97 
Utah Jazz-11.5Tip 1.97 Oklahoma City11.5Tip 1.97 
Portland Trail Blazers-5.5Tip 1.97 Sacramento Kings5.5Tip 1.97 
Phoenix Suns-6.5Tip 1.97 Denver Nuggets6.5Tip 1.97 

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