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USA MLS Statistics
New York-1Tip 2.33 New England1Tip 1.62 
New York-1Tip 2.91 XTip 3.70 New England1Tip 2.09 
New YorkTip 1.76XTip 3.85New EnglandTip 4.75
New YorkNew EnglandOver 2.75Tip 2.10Under 2.75Tip 1.73
International MLR
Houston1.69X18.00New England2.31
Houston-2.51.91 New England2.51.80 

USA MLS Statistics
TorontoNew EnglandOver 3Tip 2.11Under 3Tip 1.65
SC TorontoNew EnglandOver 2.75Tip 1.85Under 2.75Tip 1.91
TorontoTip 2.20XTip 3.55New EnglandTip 3.18
SC TorontoTip 2.18XTip 3.67New EnglandTip 3.20
Toronto-1Tip 3.78 XTip 4.05 New England1Tip 1.70 
SC Toronto-1Tip 3.90 XTip 4.10 New England1Tip 1.68 
Toronto-0.25Tip 1.89 New England0.25Tip 1.92 
SC Toronto0Tip 1.58 New England0Tip 2.25 

New England80.00

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