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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Football events.

Bet type
14 April 2021
Romania Liga II
11:00SlatinaRipensia TimisoaraOver 2.75Tip 2.35Under 2.75Tip 1.56
Japan J1 League
11:00Cerezo OsakaTokushimaOver 2.5Tip 2.57Under 2.5Tip 1.58
Kazakhstan Premier League
11:00OrdabasyAstanaOver 2.75Tip 2.52Under 2.75Tip 1.50
Australia A-League
11:35Adelaide UnitedMacarthur FCOver 3.25Tip 2.64Under 3.25Tip 1.53
Japan J1 League
12:00TosuGamba OsakaOver 2.75Tip 2.89Under 2.75Tip 1.45
12:00Kawasaki FrontaleFukuokaOver 3.25Tip 2.17Under 3.25Tip 1.74
South Korea Cup
12:00Busan Trans. Corp.GwangjuOver 3Tip 2.40Under 3Tip 1.51
12:00GimcheonJejuOver 3Tip 2.79Under 3Tip 1.42
12:00CheongjuGangwonOver 3Tip 2.45Under 3Tip 1.52
12:00IncheonAnyangOver 2.75Tip 2.77Under 2.75Tip 1.42
12:00AnsanAsanOver 2.75Tip 2.61Under 2.75Tip 1.46
12:00GyeongnamMokpoOver 2.75Tip 2.40Under 2.75Tip 1.55
12:00SeongnamBusanOver 3Tip 2.70Under 3Tip 1.41
12:00SangjuJejuOver 2.5Tip 1.91Under 2.5Tip 1.84
12:00GimhaeBucheonOver 2.75Tip 2.50Under 2.75Tip 1.50
12:00DaejeonSuwonOver 3Tip 2.65Under 3Tip 1.46
12:00SuwonJeonnamOver 3Tip 3.10Under 3Tip 1.32
12:00Suwon CityJeonnamOver 2.75Tip 2.57Under 2.75Tip 1.48
Kazakhstan Premier League
12:00AktauKairat AlmatyOver 3Tip 2.04Under 3Tip 1.75
Japan J1 League
12:30NagoyaHiroshimaOver 2.5Tip 3.17Under 2.5Tip 1.38
South Korea Cup
12:30SeoulSeoul E-LandOver 3Tip 2.50Under 3Tip 1.47
Turkey First League
12:30MenemenSamsunOver 3Tip 2.86Under 3Tip 1.43
Armenia Premier League
12:30VanPyunik YerevanOver 2.5Tip 2.66Under 2.5Tip 1.48
Poland II Liga
13:00Lech Poznan IIPruszkowOver 3Tip 2.80Under 3Tip 1.41
13:00Stal RzeszowGarbarnia KrakowOver 3Tip 2.42Under 3Tip 1.53
13:00PolkowiceGrudziadzOver 3Tip 2.48Under 3Tip 1.52
Taiwan Premier League
13:00KaohsiungHang YuenOver 3.25Tip 2.21Under 3.25Tip 1.64
13:00TaichungTainanOver 3Tip 2.47Under 3Tip 1.65
Zambia Super League
13:00KitweNkanaOver 2Tip 2.04Under 2Tip 1.69
Macedonia Prva Liga
13:00Gjorce PetrovVelesOver 3Tip 3.30Under 3Tip 1.28
13:00BitolaSileksOver 3Tip 3.30Under 3Tip 1.28
13:00StrugaRabotnickiOver 3Tip 3.80Under 3Tip 1.22
13:00Vardar SkopjeRenovaOver 3Tip 2.64Under 3Tip 1.46
13:00ShkupiBelasicaOver 3Tip 2.05Under 3Tip 1.77
13:00ShkendijaStrumicaOver 3Tip 1.99Under 3Tip 1.73
Poland I Liga
13:00NiepolomiceRadomOver 3Tip 3.60Under 3Tip 1.28
Kazakhstan Premier League
13:00Tobol KostanayKyzylordaOver 2.75Tip 2.45Under 2.75Tip 1.52
Slovakia Cup
13:30Banska BystricaDunajska StredaOver 3.25Tip 2.28Under 3.25Tip 1.60
Syria League
14:00Al WathbahAl TaliyaOver 1.5Tip 1.57Under 1.5Tip 2.28
14:00JablehAl-HorjelahOver 1.5Tip 1.46Under 1.5Tip 2.55
14:00Al Wahda Abu DhabiAl FatowahOver 2.5Tip 2.05Under 2.5Tip 1.68
14:00Al Shorta (IQ)Al KaramahOver 1.5Tip 1.57Under 1.5Tip 2.28
14:00TishreenAl Jaish (QA)Over 2Tip 1.86Under 2Tip 1.85
14:00Al HoriyahHutteenOver 2.5Tip 2.38Under 2.5Tip 1.53
14:00Al-SahelAl Ittihad AleppoOver 2.5Tip 2.32Under 2.5Tip 1.54
14:00TishreenAl Jaish (SY)Over 2.5Tip 2.55Under 2.5Tip 1.46
Kazakhstan Premier League
14:00AtyrauZhetysuOver 2.75Tip 2.69Under 2.75Tip 1.42
Tunisia Ligue 1
14:30MonastirSahelOver 2.5Tip 2.46Under 2.5Tip 1.56
14:30SfaxienBejaOver 2.5Tip 2.59Under 2.5Tip 1.52
14:30TataouineEsperanceOver 2.5Tip 2.76Under 2.5Tip 1.46
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