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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Football events.

Bet type
31 October 2020
South Korea K-League 2
05:30SuwonGyeongnamOver 3Tip 2.20Under 3Tip 1.62
05:30Suwon CityGyeongnamOver 2.75Tip 1.98Under 2.75Tip 1.89
Japan J1 League
06:00OitaUrawaOver 2.75Tip 2.46Under 2.75Tip 1.60
07:00Shonan BellmareYokohamaOver 3Tip 2.72Under 3Tip 1.46
07:00Shonan BellmareYokohama FCOver 2.75Tip 2.30Under 2.75Tip 1.67
South Korea K-League 1
07:00SeongnamBusanOver 2.75Tip 2.72Under 2.75Tip 1.49
07:00SeoulIncheonOver 2.75Tip 2.53Under 2.75Tip 1.56
07:00GangwonSuwonOver 2.75Tip 2.13Under 2.75Tip 1.80
Japan J3 League
07:00NaganoToyamaOver 2.75Tip 2.47Under 2.75Tip 1.53
07:00GifuSagamiharaOver 2.75Tip 2.26Under 2.75Tip 1.63
07:00KagoshimaImabariOver 2.75Tip 2.47Under 2.75Tip 1.53
China League One
08:00TaizhouKunshanOver 2.5Tip 2.40Under 2.5Tip 1.60
Japan J1 League
08:00KashiwaShimizuOver 3.75Tip 2.04Under 3.75Tip 1.86
South Korea K-League 2
08:00BucheonAsanOver 2.75Tip 2.49Under 2.75Tip 1.57
China Super League
08:30TianjinDalian ProOver 3Tip 2.20Under 3Tip 1.76
Japan J1 League
09:00Kashima AntlersNagoyaOver 2.75Tip 2.35Under 2.75Tip 1.66
Kazakhstan Premier League
09:00OkzhetpesTarazOver 2.75Tip 2.64Under 2.75Tip 1.44
Romania Liga II
10:00ResitaConcordia ChiajnaOver 3.5Tip 3.10Under 3.5Tip 1.31
10:00Miercurea CiucTargu JiuOver 3.25Tip 2.24Under 3.25Tip 1.61
10:00SlatinaBuzauOver 2.75Tip 2.45Under 2.75Tip 1.51
10:00CalarasiMetaloglobus BucurestiOver 2.75Tip 2.25Under 2.75Tip 1.61
10:00Ripensia TimisoaraTurnu MagureleOver 3Tip 2.54Under 3Tip 1.48
10:00Viitorul Targu JiuSloboziaOver 3Tip 2.32Under 3Tip 1.60
10:00ReceaPolitehnica TimisoaraOver 3Tip 2.70Under 3Tip 1.49
Japan J1 League
10:00Kawasaki FrontaleTokyoOver 3Tip 2.10Under 3Tip 1.79
Singapore S-League
10:30Tampines RoversNiigataOver 3.5Tip 2.60Under 2.5Tip 2.27
China League One
11:00SuzhouNanchangOver 2.5Tip 2.39Under 2.5Tip 1.63
Japan J1 League
11:00Gamba OsakaSapporoOver 3Tip 1.92Under 3Tip 1.96
Thailand Premier League
11:00Chiang RaiThanyaburiOver 3Tip 2.18Under 3Tip 1.68
Vietnam V-League
11:00Song Lam Nghe AnNam DinhOver 2.75Tip 2.34Under 2.75Tip 1.55
11:00Da NangThanh HoaOver 2.75Tip 2.36Under 2.75Tip 1.54
11:00Hai PhongQuang NamOver 2.75Tip 2.08Under 2.75Tip 1.69
Japan J3 League
11:00KumamotoNumazuOver 2.75Tip 2.17Under 2.75Tip 1.65
Belarus Vysshaya Liga
11:00MozyrBrest (BY)Over 3.5Tip 2.23Under 3.5Tip 1.74
Azerbaijan Premyer Liqasi
11:00GabalaSabahOver 3.5Tip 4.02Under 2.5Tip 1.58
11:00GabalaSabah FKOver 2.75Tip 2.69Under 2.75Tip 1.42
Romania Liga I
11:30ClinceniSepsiOver 2.5Tip 2.37Under 2.5Tip 1.63
11:30ClinceniSfantu GheorgheOver 3Tip 3.56Under 3Tip 1.28
Turkey Super Lig
11:30GenclerbirligiGaziantep BBOver 3Tip 2.60Under 3Tip 1.57
Turkey First League
11:30GiresunUmraniyeOver 3Tip 2.45Under 3Tip 1.56
Thailand Premier League
12:00RayongTratOver 3Tip 2.19Under 3Tip 1.69
12:00SongkhlaMuang ThongOver 3Tip 2.23Under 3Tip 1.65
Austria 2. Liga
12:00LinzRapid Vienna IIOver 3Tip 1.85Under 3Tip 2.03
12:00Blau WeissRapid Vienna IIOver 3.25Tip 2.11Under 3.25Tip 1.72
Turkmenistan Yokary
12:00AsgabatSagadamOver 3Tip 2.80Under 3Tip 1.38
12:00MaryKopetdagOver 3Tip 2.10Under 3Tip 1.65
Portugal Segunda Liga
12:00CovilhaPorto BOver 2.75Tip 2.37Under 2.75Tip 1.62
Zambia Super League
12:00BuildconLusakaOver 2.5Tip 2.55Under 2.5Tip 1.49
Russia Premier League
12:00KazanTulaOver 2.75Tip 2.27Under 2.75Tip 1.68
Spain Superliga Women
12:00EspanyolEibarOver 2.751.93Under 2.751.85
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