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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Football events.

Bet type
01 March 2024
Honduras Liga Nacional
00:00VidaOlanchoOver 2.75Tip 2.15Under 2.75Tip 1.67
Argentine League Cup
01:15Independiente RivadaviaBarracas CentralOver 2.5Tip 2.67Under 2.5Tip 1.48
01:15HuracanRosario CentralOver 2.5Tip 2.87Under 2.5Tip 1.43
CONMEBOL South American Winners' Cup
01:30FluminenseLDU QuitoOver 2.75Tip 2.15Under 2.75Tip 1.67
CONMEBOL Libertadores Cup
01:30Colo ColoGodoy CruzOver 3Tip 3.65Under 3Tip 1.22
Colombia Primera A
01:45Independiente MedellinPastoOver 2.75Tip 2.55Under 2.75Tip 1.50
Honduras Liga Nacional
02:00Olimpia TegucigalpaUPNFMOver 3.5Tip 1.90Under 3.5Tip 1.88
Mexico Expansion MX
02:05TepatitlanCelayaOver 2.5Tip 2.12Under 2.5Tip 1.75
CONCACAF Champions League
02:15New EnglandIndependiente La ChorreraOver 2.75Tip 1.77Under 2.75Tip 2.00
Mexico Expansion MX
04:05MoreliaSonoraOver 3Tip 2.50Under 3Tip 1.44
South Korea K-League 1
06:00UlsanPohangOver 2.5Tip 1.84Under 2.5Tip 1.95
South Korea K-League 2
06:00AnsanGyeongnamOver 2.5Tip 1.97Under 2.5Tip 1.90
06:00AnyangSeongnamOver 2.5Tip 1.92Under 2.5Tip 1.84
South Korea K-League 1
08:30JeonbukDaejeonOver 2.75Tip 2.10Under 2.75Tip 1.73
Indonesia Liga 1
09:00TiraAremaOver 2.5Tip 1.67Under 2.5Tip 2.20
Australia A-League
09:45Macarthur FCMelbourne CityOver 3.5Tip 2.08Under 3.5Tip 1.77
Japan J1 League
11:00Kawasaki FrontaleIwataOver 3Tip 2.30Under 3Tip 1.62
11:00Yokohama MarinosFukuokaOver 3Tip 2.38Under 3Tip 1.57
China Super League
11:00ShandongChangchunOver 3.5Tip 2.25Under 3.5Tip 1.67
Syria League
12:00TartusJablehOver 2Tip 2.01Under 2Tip 1.68
12:00Al Ittihad AleppoAl FatowahOver 2.5Tip 2.54Under 2.5Tip 1.43
12:00TishreenAl WathbahOver 3Tip 3.88Under 3Tip 1.20
Iraq Premier League
12:30KarkhAl NajafOver 2.5Tip 2.54Under 2.5Tip 1.43
China Super League
12:35Qingdao ZCHTHenanOver 2.5Tip 2.06Under 2.5Tip 1.80
International Friendlies Men
12:45Balestier KhalsaTanjong PagarOver 2.5Tip 1.10Under 2.5Tip 6.50
Syria League
13:00Al Jaish (SY)HutteenOver 2.5Tip 2.54Under 2.5Tip 1.43
13:00Al KaramahAl Wahda DamascusOver 3Tip 3.88Under 3Tip 1.20
Serbia First League
13:00OdzakNovi SadOver 2.5Tip 2.55Under 2.5Tip 1.45
International Friendlies Men
13:00StabaekStartOver 4Tip 2.84Under 3.5Tip 1.66
Israel Liga Leumit
13:00Nof HaGalilMaccabi HerzliyaOver 2.5Tip 1.68Under 2.5Tip 2.06
13:00Hapoel Ramat GanKfar KasemOver 2.5Tip 2.06Under 2.5Tip 1.68
China Super League
13:00Shanghai SIPGWuhan Three TownsOver 3.5Tip 2.18Under 3.5Tip 1.70
Kazakhstan Premier League
13:00KyzylordaAktobeOver 3Tip 2.84Under 3Tip 1.35
13:00ZhetysuAksuOver 3Tip 2.93Under 3Tip 1.33
Indonesia Liga 1
13:00BhayangkaraMadura UnitedOver 2.5Tip 1.63Under 2.5Tip 2.25
UAE Pro-League
13:35Al Khaleej (AE)Al Ahli DubaiOver 3.5Tip 1.94Under 2.5Tip 2.82
Serbia Superleague
14:00Radnicki KragujevacIMTOver 3Tip 2.57Under 3Tip 1.42
Israel Liga Leumit
14:00Nazareth IllitMaccabi HerzliyaOver 3Tip 2.16Under 3Tip 1.62
14:00Hapoel Ramat GanKafr QasimOver 3Tip 2.93Under 3Tip 1.33
14:00AfulaNess ZionaOver 3Tip 3.64Under 3Tip 1.22
14:00Rishon LeZionHapoel AkkoOver 3Tip 3.42Under 3Tip 1.25
Uzbekistan Uzbek League
14:15QarshiOlympicOver 2.5Tip 2.01Under 2.5Tip 1.75
UAE Pro-League
14:35Khor FakkanAl Ahli DubaiOver 4Tip 2.57Under 4Tip 1.42
14:35AjmanRas Al KhaimahOver 3.5Tip 2.10Under 2.5Tip 2.75
14:35AjmanEmirates ClubOver 4Tip 2.88Under 4Tip 1.34
France National
15:00NiortMarignaneOver 2.75Tip 2.30Under 2.75Tip 1.57
Iraq Premier League
15:00BasraAl-JawiyaOver 2.5Tip 1.71Under 2.5Tip 2.04
Saudi Arabia Premier League
15:00Al-OkhdoodAl-RiyadhOver 2.75Tip 2.00Under 2.75Tip 1.80
15:00AbhaAl-TaiOver 2.75Tip 1.83Under 2.75Tip 1.95
Jordan League
15:00Shabab Al-OrdonSahabOver 3Tip 3.74Under 3Tip 1.21
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