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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Football events.

Bet type
11 August 2020
Montenegro 1. CFL
00:00Persepolis TehranSao PauloOver 12.5Tip 2.17Under 12Tip 1.75
00:30LyonGalatasarayOver 13Tip 2.43Under 12.5Tip 1.65
01:00BenficaPersepolis TehranOver 13Tip 2.35Under 12.5Tip 1.68
Brazil Serie C
01:00LondrinaCriciumaOver 2Tip 2.18Under 2Tip 1.69
Montenegro 1. CFL
01:30GalatasaraySao PauloOver 13Tip 2.32Under 12.5Tip 1.70
02:00LyonPersepolis TehranOver 13Tip 2.22Under 12.5Tip 1.75
02:30BenficaSao PauloOver 13.5Tip 2.46Under 13Tip 1.57
03:00Real MadridParis Saint-GermainOver 13.5Tip 2.31Under 13Tip 1.65
03:30LiverpoolBayern MunichOver 13.5Tip 2.41Under 13Tip 1.60
04:00Paris Saint-GermainBarcelonaOver 13.5Tip 2.43Under 13Tip 1.59
04:30Real MadridLiverpoolOver 13.5Tip 2.40Under 13Tip 1.60
05:00BarcelonaBayern MunichOver 13.5Tip 2.36Under 13Tip 1.62
05:30LiverpoolParis Saint-GermainOver 13.5Tip 2.38Under 13Tip 1.61
06:00Real MadridBarcelonaOver 13.5Tip 2.29Under 13Tip 1.66
06:30Bayern MunichParis Saint-GermainOver 13.5Tip 2.39Under 13Tip 1.61
07:00LyonBenficaOver 13Tip 2.32Under 12.5Tip 1.70
07:30Persepolis TehranGalatasarayOver 13Tip 2.33Under 12.5Tip 1.69
08:00Sao PauloLyonOver 13Tip 2.28Under 13Tip 1.53
08:30GalatasarayBenficaOver 13Tip 2.36Under 12.5Tip 1.68
09:00Sao PauloPersepolis TehranOver 12.5Tip 2.17Under 12Tip 1.75
09:30GalatasarayLyonOver 13Tip 2.43Under 12.5Tip 1.65
10:00Persepolis TehranBenficaOver 13Tip 2.35Under 12.5Tip 1.68
10:30Sao PauloGalatasarayOver 13Tip 2.28Under 12.5Tip 1.71
11:00Paris Saint-GermainReal MadridOver 13.5Tip 2.31Under 13Tip 1.65
International Friendlies Men
11:00NiortCholetOver 3Tip 1.95Under 3Tip 1.78
Australia A-League
11:30Melbourne CityAdelaide UnitedOver 3.25Tip 2.30Under 3.25Tip 1.68
Montenegro 1. CFL
11:30Bayern MunichBarcelonaOver 13.5Tip 2.36Under 13Tip 1.62
12:00LiverpoolReal MadridOver 13.5Tip 2.40Under 13Tip 1.60
China Super League
12:00ShijiazhuangTianjinOver 3Tip 2.33Under 3Tip 1.63
Montenegro 1. CFL
12:30BarcelonaParis Saint-GermainOver 13.5Tip 2.46Under 13Tip 1.57
13:00Bayern MunichLiverpoolOver 13.5Tip 2.42Under 13Tip 1.59
13:30BarcelonaReal MadridOver 13.5Tip 2.29Under 13Tip 1.66
14:00Paris Saint-GermainLiverpoolOver 13.5Tip 2.38Under 13Tip 1.61
China Super League
14:00ChongqingQingdao HuanghaiOver 3Tip 2.39Under 3Tip 1.60
Montenegro 1. CFL
14:30Bayern MunichReal MadridOver 13.5Tip 2.43Under 13Tip 1.59
International Friendlies Men
15:00RodinghausenWerder Bremen IIOver 3.5Tip 1.87Under 3.5Tip 1.93
Latvia Virsliga
17:00DaugavaRigaOver 4Tip 1.98Under 4Tip 1.77
17:00Metta/LuTukumsOver 3.5Tip 2.29Under 3.5Tip 1.64
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1. Division
17:00Zeljeznicar SarajevoBanja LukaOver 3Tip 2.53Under 3Tip 1.47
Russia Premier League
17:00VolgogradKazanOver 2.5Tip 1.85Under 2.5Tip 1.85
17:00VolgogradSt. PetersburgOver 2.75Tip 2.21Under 2.75Tip 1.65
International Friendlies Men
17:00RegensburgNurembergOver 3.25Tip 1.88Under 3.25Tip 1.84
17:30PardubiceBohemians 1905Over 3.25Tip 1.88Under 3.25Tip 1.84
South Africa Premier League
18:00Mamelodi SundownsOrlando PiratesOver 3.5Tip 4.00Under 2.5Tip 1.58
Tunisia Ligue 1
18:00SlimaneBen GuerdaneOver 2.5Tip 2.54Under 2.5Tip 1.49
Slovakia Superleague
18:00Spartak TrnavaRuzomberokOver 2.5Tip 2.28Under 2.5Tip 1.66
International Friendlies Men
18:00AEK LarnacaOlympiakos NicosiaOver 3Tip 1.85Under 3Tip 1.91
Saudi Arabia División 1
18:10NajranAl-BatenOver 3Tip 3.20Under 3Tip 1.31
Austria Regionalliga
18:15ReichenauWattens IIOver 3.5Tip 1.56Under 3.5Tip 2.27
Saudi Arabia División 1
18:20Al BukayriyahAl-JabalainOver 3Tip 2.92Under 3Tip 1.36
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