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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Football events.

Bet type
02 April 2023
Guatemala Liga Nacional
02:00ComunicacionesAntigua GFCOver 2.5Tip 2.15Under 2.5Tip 1.60
Ecuador Serie A
02:00DelfinEmelecOver 2.5Tip 2.00Under 2.5Tip 1.76
Peru 1. Division
02:00Alianza LimaCiencianoOver 3.5Tip 2.70Under 3.5Tip 1.40
Argentine Primera B
02:10ColegialesItuzaingoOver 2.5Tip 2.25Under 2.5Tip 1.57
Argentine Primera Nacional
02:15CA Estudiantes CaserosAldosiviOver 2.5Tip 2.55Under 2.5Tip 1.48
02:30Chicago FireDC UnitedOver 3Tip 2.37Under 3Tip 1.60
02:30Saint LouisMinnesotaOver 3Tip 2.31Under 3Tip 1.63
02:30DallasPortland TimbersOver 3.5Tip 3.05Under 3.5Tip 1.38
Argentine Superliga
02:30TigreLanusOver 2.5Tip 2.15Under 2.5Tip 1.68
El Salvador 1. Division
03:00Santa TeclaOnce MunicipalOver 2.5Tip 2.25Under 2.5Tip 1.54
03:00FASJocoroOver 3.5Tip 3.15Under 2.5Tip 1.81
03:00MetapanZacatecolucaOver 2.5Tip 2.15Under 2.5Tip 1.60
Mexico Liga MX
03:05Club AmericaClub LeonOver 3Tip 1.93Under 3Tip 1.85
03:15MonterreyTijuanaOver 2.75Tip 2.07Under 2.75Tip 1.74
Honduras Liga Nacional
03:30VictoriaMarathonOver 3.5Tip 2.85Under 3.5Tip 1.40
03:30Colorado RapidsLos Angeles FCOver 3.5Tip 3.00Under 3.5Tip 1.39
Panama LPF
03:30ChiriquiHerreraOver 2.5Tip 2.05Under 2.5Tip 1.69
Costa Rica 1. Division
04:00HeredianoSporting San JoseOver 3.5Tip 2.85Under 3.5Tip 1.37
Guatemala Liga Nacional
04:00XelajuAchuapaOver 3.5Tip 3.37Under 2.5Tip 1.76
Nicaragua Premier
04:00UNAN ManaguaOcotalOver 3.5Tip 2.70Under 3.5Tip 1.40
04:00SeasideSan AntonioOver 2.5Tip 1.86Under 2.5Tip 1.89
04:00OaklandNew MexicoOver 3.5Tip 2.95Under 3.5Tip 1.39
04:00SacramentoLouisvilleOver 2.5Tip 2.18Under 2.5Tip 1.71
04:30San JoseHouston DynamoOver 2.75Tip 2.04Under 2.75Tip 1.80
04:30VancouverMontrealOver 3Tip 2.22Under 3Tip 1.68
04:30PhoenixSan DiegoOver 3Tip 1.95Under 3Tip 1.75
Mexico Liga MX
05:10AtlasGuadalajara (MX)Over 2.5Tip 2.23Under 2.5Tip 1.64
Japan J2 League
06:00KumamotoTokushimaOver 2.5Tip 2.40Under 2.5Tip 1.55
Japan J3 League
06:00ImabariNaraOver 3.5Tip 3.45Under 2.5Tip 1.84
South Korea K-League 2
06:30GimcheonGyeongnamOver 2.5Tip 2.05Under 2.5Tip 1.68
06:30SangjuGyeongnamOver 2.5Tip 2.07Under 2.5Tip 1.71
Australia A-League
07:00Melbourne CityNewcastle JetsOver 3.5Tip 2.08Under 3.5Tip 1.76
Japan J2 League
07:00YamagataMitoOver 2.5Tip 2.18Under 2.5Tip 1.74
07:00TochigiKusatsuOver 2.5Tip 3.00Under 2.5Tip 1.39
07:00MachidaFujiedaOver 2.5Tip 2.20Under 2.5Tip 1.71
07:00KanazawaIchihara ChibaOver 2.5Tip 2.33Under 2.5Tip 1.62
07:00OkayamaIwakiOver 2.5Tip 2.21Under 2.5Tip 1.64
South Korea K-League 1
07:00JejuUlsanOver 2.5Tip 2.11Under 2.5Tip 1.72
Japan J3 League
07:00HachinoheKitakyushuOver 2.5Tip 2.45Under 2.5Tip 1.57
07:00SagamiharaNumazuOver 2.5Tip 2.08Under 2.5Tip 1.69
07:00FukushimaMoriokaOver 3.5Tip 3.40Under 2.5Tip 1.81
07:00MatsumotoTottoriOver 3.5Tip 3.40Under 2.5Tip 1.86
07:00TakamatsuKagoshimaOver 2.5Tip 1.98Under 2.5Tip 1.76
07:00NaganoYokohama SCCOver 3.5Tip 2.95Under 3.5Tip 1.35
08:00MiyazakiEhimeOver 3.5Tip 3.40Under 3.5Tip 1.31
Holland Eredivisie Women
08:15TwenteDen HaagOver 3.51.77Under 2.53.22
South Korea K-League 2
09:00BusanSeoul E-LandOver 2.5Tip 2.23Under 2.5Tip 1.65
South Korea K-League 1
09:30SuwonGangwonOver 2.5Tip 2.43Under 2.5Tip 1.55
Romania Liga II
10:00Politehnica TimisoaraMiercurea CiucOver 2.5Tip 2.10Under 2.5Tip 1.71
Spain 1. Division Women
10:00Real SociedadAthletic BilbaoOver 3.52.43Under 2.52.23
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