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England National South Statistics
Bath-0.5Tip 1.87 Dorking0.5Tip 1.85 
Bath-1Tip 3.65 XTip 3.80 Dorking1Tip 1.79 
BathTip 1.94XTip 3.54DorkingTip 3.56
BathDorkingOver 3.5Tip 3.30Under 3.5Tip 1.33
BathTip 7.50
BathDorkingOver 2.5Tip 1.89Under 2.5Tip 1.94
BathTip 1.94XTip 3.54DorkingTip 3.56
Bath-1Tip 3.65 XTip 5.20 Dorking-1Tip 7.70 
Bath-0.25Tip 1.72 Dorking0.25Tip 2.16 

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