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USA MLS Statistics
Columbus Crew-1Tip 2.28 XTip 3.80 Charlotte1Tip 2.61 
Columbus Crew-1Tip 1.81 Charlotte1Tip 2.01 
Columbus CrewTip 1.52XTip 4.60CharlotteTip 6.00
Columbus CrewCharlotteOver 3Tip 1.85Under 3Tip 1.90

USA MLS Statistics
AustinCharlotteOver 3Tip 2.55Under 3Tip 1.50
AustinTip 2.09XTip 3.57CharlotteTip 3.60
Austin-1Tip 3.70 XTip 3.90 Charlotte1Tip 1.79 
Austin-0.25Tip 1.80 Charlotte0.25Tip 2.10 

USA NCAA Statistics
Charlotte0Tip 3.95 James Madison0Tip 1.25 

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