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USA NCAA Statistics
GeorgiaClemsonOver 48.5Tip 1.92Under 48.5Tip 1.88
GeorgiaTip 1.18ClemsonTip 4.46
Georgia-13Tip 1.87 Clemson13Tip 1.93 

USA NCAA Statistics
Clemson-6.5Tip 1.83 North Carolina St.6.5Tip 1.83 
ClemsonNorth Carolina St.Over 48.5Tip 1.83Under 48.5Tip 1.83
ClemsonTip 1.41North Carolina St.Tip 2.75

USA NCAA Statistics
Florida StateClemsonOver 48Tip 1.87Under 48Tip 1.94
Florida StateTip 1.59ClemsonTip 2.24
Florida State-2.5Tip 1.81 Clemson2.5Tip 2.00 

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