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USA NCAA Statistics
MichiganFresno StateOver 48.5Tip 1.91Under 48.5Tip 1.91
MichiganTip 1.05Fresno StateTip 8.80
Michigan-20.5Tip 1.91 Fresno State20.5Tip 1.93 

USA NCAA Statistics
Michigan3.5Tip 1.84 Texas-3.5Tip 1.96 
MichiganTexasOver 48.5Tip 1.83Under 48.5Tip 1.83
MichiganTip 2.24TexasTip 1.59

USA NCAA Statistics
MichiganUSCOver 53.5Tip 1.83Under 53.5Tip 1.83
MichiganTip 1.31USCTip 3.20
Michigan-8.5Tip 1.91 USC8.5Tip 1.80 

From Rice to Harrison, bloodlines run deep in 2024 NFL Draft
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