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England Championship Statistics
Swansea-1Tip 4.20 XTip 4.10 Blackburn1Tip 1.65 
SwanseaTip 2.26XTip 3.60BlackburnTip 3.07
SwanseaBlackburnOver 3Tip 2.19Under 3Tip 1.60
Swansea0Tip 1.66 Blackburn0Tip 2.25 

England Championship Statistics
BlackburnMillwallOver 3Tip 2.41Under 3Tip 1.50
BlackburnTip 2.12XTip 3.58MillwallTip 3.34
Blackburn-1Tip 4.10 XTip 3.95 Millwall1Tip 1.73 
Blackburn-0.25Tip 1.83 Millwall0.25Tip 1.99 

England Championship - Statistics
BlackburnTip 1.22

Bentancur back on Tottenham's lengthy injury list
Newcastle dump Man City out of EFL Cup and draw Man Utd
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