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Europe Super League
Leeds121.94 X20.00 Wigan-122.10 
LeedsWiganOver 46.51.91Under 46.51.89
Leeds12.51.83 Wigan-12.52.10 

England League One Statistics
WiganCreweOver 2.75Tip 2.52Under 2.75Tip 1.55
WiganTip 2.99XTip 3.42CreweTip 2.55
Wigan-1Tip 6.30 XTip 4.50 Crewe1Tip 1.45 
Wigan0.25Tip 1.75 Crewe-0.25Tip 2.15 

Europe RL Challenge Cup -

Soccer-Phoenix 2021 complete Wigan takeover
Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero
Wigan to be bought by Phoenix 2021 Ltd subject to EFL approval
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