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USA NFL Preseason
Cleveland Browns2.51.88 Philadelphia Eagles-2.51.94 
Cleveland Browns2.20Philadelphia Eagles1.78
Cleveland BrownsPhiladelphia EaglesOver 371.87Under 371.87
USA NFL Statistics
Cleveland BrownsPhiladelphia EaglesOver 41Tip 1.91Under 41Tip 1.91
Cleveland BrownsTip 2.40Philadelphia EaglesTip 1.62
Cleveland Browns3Tip 1.91 Philadelphia Eagles-3Tip 1.91 

Detroit Lions3.51.95 Philadelphia Eagles-3.51.88 
Detroit LionsPhiladelphia EaglesOver 46.51.90Under 46.51.90
Detroit Lions2.65Philadelphia Eagles1.50
USA NFL Statistics
Detroit LionsTip 2.75Philadelphia EaglesTip 1.55
Detroit LionsPhiladelphia EaglesOver 46.5Tip 1.91Under 46.5Tip 1.95
Detroit Lions4Tip 1.91 Philadelphia Eagles-4Tip 1.91 
Detroit Lions5Tip 1.83 XTip 20.00 Philadelphia Eagles-5Tip 1.91 

Philadelphia Eagles-2.51.88 Minnesota Vikings2.51.95 
Philadelphia Eagles1.75Minnesota Vikings2.10
Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota VikingsOver 47.51.88Under 47.51.95
USA NFL Statistics
Philadelphia EaglesMinnesota VikingsOver 47.5Tip 1.91Under 47.5Tip 1.91
Philadelphia EaglesTip 1.75Minnesota VikingsTip 2.15
Philadelphia Eagles-2.5Tip 1.91 Minnesota Vikings2.5Tip 1.91 

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