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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Basketball events.

Bet type
01 December 2022
Georgia Super League
15:30KutaisiMega TbilisiOver 166.51.95Under 166.51.83
Bahrain Premier League
16:00SamaheejIsa TownOver 176.51.91Under 175.51.83
Portugal Cup
16:00GalitosBelenensesOver 158.5Tip 1.83Under 158.5Tip 1.83
Europe Balkan League BIBL
16:30Hapoel Beer ShevaBeroeOver 170.5Tip 1.88Under 170.5Tip 1.86
Lithuania Cup
17:00Pieno ZvaigzdesNevezisOver 167Tip 1.86Under 167Tip 1.86
Poland PLK
17:30Arka GdyniaZastalOver 164.5Tip 1.94Under 163.5Tip 1.87
17:30Arka GdyniaZielona GoraOver 163.5Tip 1.86Under 163.5Tip 1.92
Lithuania Cup
17:30JonavaSiauliaiOver 162.5Tip 1.86Under 162.5Tip 1.86
Denmark Basketligaen
18:15NaestvedEBAAOver 167.5Tip 1.88Under 167.5Tip 1.89
Europe Euroleague Men
18:30BerlinBarcelonaOver 161Tip 1.95Under 161Tip 1.91
18:30Anadolu EfesOlympiakosOver 165.5Tip 2.08Under 165.5Tip 2.00
Norway BLNO
19:00AmmerudOsloOver 147.5Tip 1.85Under 147.5Tip 1.85
Sweden Ligan Men
19:04SodertaljeNassjoOver 160.5Tip 1.92Under 160.5Tip 1.89
19:04BorasLuleaOver 166.5Tip 1.94Under 166.5Tip 1.85
Denmark Basketligaen
19:15NaestvedAarhusOver 167Tip 1.85Under 167Tip 1.88
19:15VaerloseHerlevOver 162.5Tip 1.92Under 162.5Tip 1.86
Portugal Cup
19:15BragaVasco da GamaOver 154.5Tip 1.86Under 154.5Tip 1.86
Spain LF Women
19:30GipuzkoaLugoOver 1381.90Under 1381.83
19:30ValenciaBarcelonaOver 132.51.96Under 132.51.96
Great Britain BBL Championship
19:30LondonManchesterOver 173.5Tip 1.88Under 173.5Tip 1.83
Spain LF Women
20:00GironaGasteizOver 133.51.90Under 133.52.00
20:00EstudiantesGran CanariaOver 1411.82Under 1411.90
20:00ZaragozaLa Seu D'UrgellOver 123.51.85Under 123.51.92
20:00GernikaSalamancaOver 1381.90Under 1381.81
Europe Euroleague Men
20:00Lyon-VilleurbanneMonacoOver 157.5Tip 1.91Under 157.5Tip 2.00
Spain LF Women
20:30LeganesJairisOver 1351.86Under 1351.86
Europe Euroleague Men
20:30BaskoniaMilanOver 158.5Tip 1.91Under 158.5Tip 1.95
Great Britain BBL Championship
20:30London LionsManchesterOver 173.5Tip 1.89Under 173.5Tip 1.87
Europe Euroleague Men
20:45Partizan BelgradeValenciaOver 166Tip 2.00Under 166Tip 1.96
Spain LF Women
21:00San Cristobal de La LagunaBembibreOver 128.51.90Under 128.51.92
Brazil NBB
22:15FlamengoBrasiliaOver 157.5Tip 1.91Under 157.5Tip 1.83
23:15FlamengoUniCEUB BRBOver 156.5Tip 1.88Under 156.5Tip 1.88
23:30Sao Jose Dos CamposCerradoOver 162Tip 1.88Under 162Tip 1.88

02 December 2022
Brazil NBB
00:00FrancaUniao CorinthiansOver 162.5Tip 1.87Under 162.5Tip 1.91
00:00Rio ClaroCaxiasOver 152.5Tip 1.89Under 152.5Tip 1.89
00:00IPFWDetroitOver 144.5Tip 1.90Under 144.5Tip 1.84
Uruguay LUB
00:15Penarol (MdP)Atletico OlimpiaOver 152.51.82Under 152.51.84
00:15PenarolOlimpia AsuncionOver 152.51.83Under 152.51.90
00:30ConnecticutOklahoma StateOver 139Tip 1.96Under 139Tip 1.86
Uruguay LUB
00:30Hebraica MacabiAguadaOver 1561.86Under 1561.86
Argentine Liga Nacional
00:30Union Santa FeQuimsaOver 160Tip 1.90Under 160Tip 1.81
00:30InstitutoCiclista OlimpicoOver 157.5Tip 1.91Under 157.5Tip 1.83
01:00Detroit PistonsDallas MavericksOver 221.5Tip 1.97Under 221.5Tip 1.97
01:00DelawareCornellOver 152.5Tip 1.91Under 152.5Tip 1.83
01:00RadfordNorth Carolina CentralOver 132Tip 1.90Under 132Tip 1.96
01:00TexasCreightonOver 141Tip 1.91Under 141Tip 1.91
01:00ManhattanFairfieldOver 131Tip 1.88Under 131Tip 1.93
01:00Wright StateRobert MorrisOver 143.5Tip 1.91Under 143.5Tip 1.92
01:00Cleveland StateOaklandOver 138Tip 1.96Under 138Tip 1.86
01:00St. Peter'sMount St. Mary'sOver 132Tip 1.96Under 132Tip 1.86
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