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Basketball (5913)

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24/11 12:30Spain ACBEstudiantes - BurgosOver 163.51.96Under 163.51.88
23/11 20:30Italy Lega A MenReggio Emilia - VareseOver 1581.89Under 1581.94
23/11 16:45Greece A1Lavrio - AEK AthensOver 153.51.94Under 153.51.86
23/11 04:35USA NBALos Angeles Clippers - Houston RocketsOver 2261.93Under 2262.05
23/11 22:00USA NCAAPenn State - YaleOver 143.51.91Under 143.51.91
24/11 12:30Spain ACBEstudiantes (-0.5)1.86 Burgos (0.5)1.94 
23/11 20:30Italy Lega A MenReggio Emilia (-3.5)1.83 Varese (3.5)2.04 
25/11 18:00Greece A1Panathinaikos (-25.5)1.90 Iraklis (25.5)1.90 
23/11 18:00USA NCAAMassachusetts (16.5)1.90 Virginia (-16.5)1.95 
23/11 04:35USA NBALos Angeles Clippers (-4.5)1.84 Houston Rockets (4.5)2.10 

The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Basketball events.

Bet type
23 November 2019
04:00California BaptistCentral ArkansasOver 152.5Tip 1.92Under 152.5Tip 1.91
04:00Santa ClaraIdaho StateOver 136Tip 1.95Under 136Tip 1.86
04:00San Diego StateLong IslandOver 145Tip 1.91Under 145Tip 1.91
Mexico Liga Nacional
04:00QueretaroMinerosOver 173.51.85Under 173.51.85
04:35Los Angeles ClippersHouston RocketsOver 226Tip 1.93Under 226Tip 2.05
05:00DC UnitedMontanaOver 130Tip 1.88Under 130Tip 1.94
05:00Southern CaliforniaTempleOver 145Tip 1.92Under 145Tip 1.90
05:00USCTempleOver 145Tip 1.92Under 145Tip 1.89
05:00WashingtonMontanaOver 130.5Tip 1.92Under 130.5Tip 1.90
South Korea KBL
07:00Dongbu PromySamsung ThundersOver 155.5Tip 1.85Under 155.5Tip 1.85
07:00WonjuSamsung ThundersOver 155.5Tip 1.98Under 155.5Tip 1.88
Australia NBL
07:30SE MelbourneSydney KingsOver 188.5Tip 1.90Under 188.5Tip 1.95
South Korea KBL
09:00JeonjuAnyangOver 154Tip 1.90Under 154Tip 1.95
International Asian League
09:00Mono VampireChanghuaOver 169.5Tip 1.93Under 169.5Tip 1.81
Friendlies Women
09:30SloveniaBrazilOver 53.51.75Under 53.51.95
Australia NBL
10:00CairnsPerthOver 173Tip 1.94Under 173Tip 1.92
Turkey BSL
11:00Gaziantep BBBuyukcekmeceOver 157.5Tip 1.83Under 157.5Tip 1.91
Friendlies Women
12:00JapanFranceOver 53.52.20Under 53.51.60
China CBA
12:35QingdaoSichuanOver 219.5Tip 1.80Under 219.5Tip 1.90
12:35Jiangsu ZhongtianShandongOver 210.5Tip 1.85Under 210.5Tip 1.85
12:35Zhejiang LionsZhejiang BullsOver 218.5Tip 1.85Under 218.5Tip 1.85
International Asian League
13:00ZhuhaiFoshanOver 180Tip 1.92Under 180Tip 1.75
Turkey BSL
13:15TofasBesiktasOver 159Tip 1.85Under 159Tip 1.88
Hungary NBI
14:30SzekesfehervarDebrecenOver 170.5Tip 1.83Under 170.5Tip 1.83
Greece A1
14:45NíkeaKolossos RhodesOver 158.5Tip 1.80Under 158.5Tip 1.90
14:45Promitheas PatrasPanioniosOver 155.5Tip 1.85Under 155.5Tip 1.89
14:45PAOK ThessalonikiRethymnoOver 147Tip 1.86Under 147Tip 1.94
14:45LarissaLemnosOver 148.5Tip 1.88Under 148.5Tip 1.86
Poland PLK
15:00Legia WarsawPolpharma StarogardOver 163.5Tip 1.92Under 163.5Tip 1.82
Turkey BSL
15:30Turk TelekomBandırmaOver 156.5Tip 1.93Under 156.5Tip 1.81
Lithuania LKL
16:00PrienaiPieno ZvaigzdesOver 159.5Tip 1.81Under 159.5Tip 1.86
Finland Korisliigan
16:00KauhajokiKorikobratOver 176Tip 1.86Under 176Tip 1.91
16:00URAKorihaitOver 182.5Tip 1.80Under 182.5Tip 1.98
16:00KaarinaKorihaitOver 182.5Tip 1.87Under 182.5Tip 1.89
Romania Liga Nationala Men
16:00Steaua BucharestU. Mobitelco ClujOver 166.5Tip 1.79Under 166.5Tip 1.88
16:00Miercurea CiucFocsaniOver 147.5Tip 1.81Under 147.5Tip 1.86
Sweden Ligan
16:04UmeaSodertaljeOver 164.5Tip 1.90Under 164.5Tip 1.80
Greece A1
16:45LavrioAEK AthensOver 153.5Tip 1.94Under 153.5Tip 1.86
Spain LEB Gold
17:00BreoganMarinOver 154.51.88Under 154.51.85
Romania Liga Nationala Men
17:00ConstantaSighetu MarmatieiOver 149.5Tip 1.83Under 149.5Tip 1.92
17:00GalatiGaz Metan MediasOver 164.5Tip 1.83Under 164.5Tip 1.92
17:00SibiuTimisoaraOver 153Tip 1.85Under 153Tip 1.81
Bulgaria NBL
17:00Akademik SofiaPlevenOver 178.5Tip 1.76Under 178.5Tip 1.91
Poland PLK
17:30BydgoszczStart GdyniaOver 168Tip 1.85Under 168Tip 1.88
Romania Liga Nationala Men
17:30Targu JiuVoluntariOver 163Tip 1.85Under 163Tip 1.82
Austria BSL
17:30KapfenbergVienna DCOver 152Tip 1.87Under 152Tip 1.87
Italy Legadue
18:00Eurobasket RomaAgrigentoOver 1541.88Under 1541.86
Spain ACB
18:00FuenlabradaJoventutOver 166.5Tip 1.96Under 166.5Tip 1.88
Europe Adriatic League ABA
18:00KoperZeleznikOver 160.5Tip 1.92Under 160.5Tip 1.92
18:00Boston CollegeDePaulOver 141Tip 1.91Under 141Tip 1.91
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