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27/01 00:05USA NBAMemphis Grizzlies - Phoenix SunsOver 234.51.92Under 234.51.97
26/01 17:00Italy Lega A MenBrescia - BrindisiOver 161.51.97Under 161.51.90
26/01 20:00Spain ACBObradoiro - ValenciaOver 160.51.90Under 160.51.99
26/01 18:00Greece A1Níkea - Aris ThessalonikiOver 158.51.95Under 158.51.87
26/01 15:00Belgium CupLimburg - AntwerpOver 1582.00Under 1581.94
27/01 00:05USA NBAMemphis Grizzlies (-2)1.85 Phoenix Suns (2)2.14 
26/01 20:45Italy Lega A MenFortitudo Bologna (-3)1.84 Varese (3)2.06 
26/01 20:00Spain ACBObradoiro (6)1.97 Valencia (-6)1.94 
27/01 18:30Greece A1Panathinaikos (-27.5)1.95 PAOK Thessaloniki (27.5)1.86 
26/01 15:00Belgium CupLimburg (4.5)2.05 Antwerp (-5)1.83 

The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Basketball events.

Bet type
26 January 2020
Turkey BSL
13:15Gaziantep BBFenerbahceOver 155Tip 1.93Under 155Tip 2.00
Europe VTB
14:00SaratovPermOver 177.5Tip 1.93Under 177.5Tip 1.92
Ukraine Superleague
14:30OdessaCherkasyOver 157.5Tip 1.84Under 157.5Tip 1.83
Cyprus 1. Division
15:00Etha EncomiPaphosOver 150.5Tip 1.83Under 150.5Tip 1.91
15:00AEK LarnacaOmonia NicosiaOver 153.5Tip 2.05Under 153.5Tip 1.71
Poland PLK
15:00SzczecinWroclawOver 168Tip 1.92Under 168Tip 1.89
Belgium Cup
15:00LimburgAntwerpOver 158Tip 2.00Under 158Tip 1.94
Germany Bundesliga
15:00BayreuthOldenburgOver 176.5Tip 1.88Under 176.5Tip 1.99
15:00VechtaFrankfurtOver 159.5Tip 1.96Under 159.5Tip 1.91
15:00BraunschweigBambergOver 169Tip 2.01Under 169Tip 1.86
Turkey BSL
15:30Anadolu EfesBesiktasOver 161.5Tip 1.83Under 161.5Tip 2.03
Lithuania LKL
16:00ZalgirisLietuvos RytasOver 158.5Tip 1.85Under 158.5Tip 1.91
Denmark Basketligaen
16:00VaerloseEBAAOver 169.51.92Under 169.51.90
Switzerland SBL
16:00LuganoMassagnoOver 164.5Tip 1.74Under 164.5Tip 2.02
16:00NeuchatelMontheyOver 151.5Tip 1.80Under 151.5Tip 1.94
16:00VeveyNyonOver 159.5Tip 1.88Under 159.5Tip 1.86
16:00GenevaBaselOver 152Tip 2.10Under 152Tip 1.68
France Pro A
16:00CholetLyon-VilleurbanneOver 157.5Tip 1.93Under 157.5Tip 1.93
Romania Liga Nationala Men
16:00GalatiPitestiOver 165.5Tip 1.81Under 165.5Tip 1.93
Great Britain BBL Cup
16:30BristolWorcesterOver 160.5Tip 1.85Under 160.5Tip 1.85
France LFB
16:30LandesLanderneauOver 139.51.87Under 139.51.87
Europe VTB
16:30St. PetersburgKazanOver 162.5Tip 1.96Under 162.5Tip 1.89
Italy Legadue
17:00TreviglioNaplesOver 142.51.90Under 142.51.92
17:00TrapaniBiellaOver 1451.91Under 1451.91
Spain ACB
17:00ManresaReal MadridOver 162.5Tip 1.99Under 162.5Tip 1.91
France Pro B
17:00BloisDenainOver 155.51.96Under 155.51.86
Italy Lega A Men
17:00BresciaBrindisiOver 161.5Tip 1.97Under 161.5Tip 1.90
17:00CremonaRomeOver 165.5Tip 1.94Under 165.5Tip 1.92
France Pro A
17:00RoanneChalonOver 167.5Tip 1.92Under 167.5Tip 1.94
Poland PLK
17:30Dabrowa GorniczaLublinOver 169.5Tip 1.92Under 169.5Tip 1.90
France LFB
17:30TarbesCharlevilleOver 1481.90Under 1481.84
Italy Lega A Men
17:30TriesteMilanOver 156.5Tip 1.91Under 156.5Tip 1.96
Austria BSL
17:30GmundenSt. PoltenOver 169Tip 1.95Under 169Tip 1.79
Israel Super League
17:55Maccabi HaifaHapoel JerusalemOver 168Tip 1.87Under 168Tip 1.99
Italy Legadue
18:00BergamoTurinOver 156.52.04Under 156.51.85
18:00PiacenzaVeronaOver 151.51.89Under 1511.86
18:00CasalpusterlengoVeronaOver 1511.89Under 1511.92
18:00San SeveroFerraraOver 1611.95Under 1611.87
18:00OrlandinaScafatiOver 1511.88Under 1511.93
18:00LatinaAgrigentoOver 1531.95Under 1531.87
18:00ImolaCasertaOver 1641.91Under 1641.91
18:00UdineseRavennaOver 152.51.80Under 152.51.90
18:00TortonaCasale MonferratoOver 147.51.99Under 147.51.83
France Pro B
18:00Paris-LevalloisAix-les-BainsOver 1601.86Under 159.51.89
18:00ParisAix-les-BainsOver 159.51.92Under 159.51.90
Belgium Cup
18:00CharleroiAalstOver 164.5Tip 1.90Under 164.5Tip 1.90
Europe Adriatic League ABA
18:00Olimpija LjubljanaKoperOver 163Tip 2.05Under 163Tip 1.89
18:00ConnecticutTulsaOver 126Tip 1.83Under 126Tip 1.92
18:00Wake ForestVirginiaOver 118Tip 1.91Under 118Tip 1.91
Greece A1
18:00NíkeaAris ThessalonikiOver 158.5Tip 1.95Under 158.5Tip 1.87
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