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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Basketball events.

Bet type
24 March 2023
South Korea KBL
11:00UlsanAnyangOver 162.5Tip 2.00Under 162.5Tip 1.95
11:00SK KnightsJeonjuOver 161Tip 1.90Under 161Tip 1.95
Israel Super League
12:00Ness ZionaHapoel Beer ShevaOver 175Tip 1.89Under 175Tip 1.84
Taiwan SBL
12:00Yulon DinosBank of TaiwanOver 159.5Tip 1.87Under 159.5Tip 1.79
Lebanon League
15:45LouaizeAnteliasOver 1651.86Under 1651.86
Romania Liga Nationala Men
16:00FocsaniPloiestiOver 158Tip 1.86Under 158Tip 1.86
16:15U. Mobitelco ClujTimisoaraOver 160.5Tip 1.87Under 160.5Tip 1.79
Finland Korisliiga Women
17:30HonkaToPoOver 1541.86Under 1541.86
Poland PLK
17:30Legia WarsawLublinOver 164Tip 1.88Under 164Tip 1.88
Czech Republic NBL
17:45KolinOpavaOver 173Tip 1.90Under 173Tip 1.81
Sweden Ligan Women
18:00UppsalaOstersundOver 149.51.86Under 149.51.92
Europe Adriatic League ABA
18:00ZadarIgokeaOver 165Tip 1.89Under 165Tip 1.87
Serbia KLS
18:00VojvodinaDynamicOver 165Tip 1.90Under 165Tip 1.83
Latvia EstLatBL
18:00Tartu RockVentspilsOver 163Tip 1.86Under 163Tip 1.86
18:00KalevOgreOver 159.5Tip 1.87Under 159.5Tip 1.79
Hungary NBI
18:00KecskemetSopronOver 158.5Tip 1.87Under 158.5Tip 1.79
Germany Bundesliga
18:30BayreuthOldenburgOver 167.5Tip 1.95Under 167.5Tip 1.90
Latvia EstLatBL
18:30VEF RigaRaplaOver 151.5Tip 1.85Under 151.5Tip 1.85
Europe Euroleague Men
18:45FenerbahceZalgirisOver 158.5Tip 1.97Under 158.5Tip 1.97
Sweden Ligan Women
19:00Mark BasketLuleaOver 164.51.86Under 164.51.86
19:00UppsalaOstersundOver 150.51.83Under 150.51.83
Slovakia Extraliga Women
19:00SamorinUMB Banska BystricaOver 127.51.83Under 127.51.83
Denmark Basketligaen
19:00HolbaekAarhusOver 152.5Tip 1.88Under 152.5Tip 1.88
19:00HolbaekEBAAOver 153Tip 1.90Under 152.5Tip 1.85
Croatia Premier liga
19:00DubravaSplitOver 162.5Tip 1.83Under 162.5Tip 1.83
Europe Euroleague Men
19:00Virtus BolognaReal MadridOver 161.5Tip 2.00Under 161Tip 1.96
19:00MonacoValenciaOver 167Tip 1.96Under 167Tip 1.90
Slovenia 1. SKL
19:00LaškoIlirijaOver 158.5Tip 1.86Under 158.5Tip 1.86
Hungary NBI
19:00Budapest HonvedDebreceni EACOver 157.5Tip 1.84Under 157.5Tip 1.82
Sweden Ligan Men
19:04NorrkopingNassjoOver 167.5Tip 1.86Under 167.5Tip 1.88
19:04UmeaLuleaOver 176Tip 1.88Under 176Tip 1.88
19:05UmeaLuleaOver 174.5Tip 1.87Under 174.5Tip 1.96
Iceland Urvalsdeild
19:15StjarnanThor ThorlOver 185.51.83Under 185.51.83
Denmark Basketligaen
19:30VaerloseAmagerOver 168.5Tip 1.88Under 168.5Tip 1.86
France Pro B
20:00La RochelleOrleansOver 154.5Tip 1.88Under 154.5Tip 1.88
20:00AngersASAOver 174Tip 1.88Under 174Tip 1.88
20:00EvreuxLilleOver 158.5Tip 1.87Under 158.5Tip 1.79
20:00DenainAntibesOver 168Tip 1.90Under 168Tip 1.86
20:00NantesAix-les-BainsOver 156.5Tip 1.88Under 156.5Tip 1.88
France LFB
20:00MontpellierLanderneauOver 145.51.90Under 145.51.83
France Pro A
20:00Le PortelParis-LevalloisOver 165Tip 1.95Under 165Tip 1.90
20:00RoanneLe MansOver 177Tip 2.00Under 177Tip 1.86
Europe Euroleague Men
20:00Partizan BelgradeOlympiakosOver 164Tip 1.95Under 164Tip 1.96
Slovenia 1. SKL
20:00Novo MestoRogaska SlatinaOver 165.5Tip 1.86Under 165.5Tip 1.86
France Pro B
20:30Saint-VallierVichyOver 175Tip 1.90Under 175Tip 1.81
Europe BNXT
20:30LiegeBemmelOver 167Tip 1.93Under 167Tip 1.84
20:30LimburgLeidenOver 157.5Tip 1.88Under 157.5Tip 1.88
20:30CharleroiGroningenOver 152.5Tip 1.88Under 152.5Tip 1.88
Spain LEB Gold
20:30A CorunaOviedoOver 154.5Tip 1.88Under 154.5Tip 1.88
Great Britain BBL Championship
20:30SheffieldLeicesterOver 158.5Tip 1.88Under 158.5Tip 1.88
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