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Montenegro 1. CFL Statistics
Lyon-0.75Tip 2.12 Galatasaray0.75Tip 1.61 
LyonTip 2.19XTip 5.15GalatasarayTip 2.40
LyonGalatasarayOver 13Tip 2.43Under 12.5Tip 1.65
LyonPersepolis TehranOver 13Tip 2.22Under 12.5Tip 1.75
LyonTip 2.14XTip 5.20Persepolis TehranTip 2.46
Lyon-0.75Tip 2.07 Persepolis Tehran0.75Tip 1.65 
Lyon-0.75Tip 2.21 Benfica0.75Tip 1.56 
LyonBenficaOver 13Tip 2.32Under 12.5Tip 1.70
LyonTip 2.27XTip 5.15BenficaTip 2.32
Sao PauloTip 2.29XTip 5.15LyonTip 2.30
Sao PauloLyonOver 13Tip 2.28Under 13Tip 1.53
Sao Paulo-0.75Tip 2.24 Lyon0.75Tip 1.54 
Galatasaray-0.25Tip 2.06 Lyon0.25Tip 1.66 
GalatasarayTip 2.40XTip 5.15LyonTip 2.20
GalatasarayLyonOver 13Tip 2.43Under 12.5Tip 1.65
UEFA Champions League - Statistics
LyonTip 34.00

UEFA Champions League Statistics
Manchester CityTip 1.28XTip 7.00LyonTip 13.01
Manchester City-2Tip 2.90 XTip 4.00 Lyon2Tip 2.18 
Manchester City-1.75Tip 2.02 Lyon1.75Tip 1.92 
Manchester CityLyonOver 3.25Tip 2.25Under 3.25Tip 1.70

France Ligue 1 - Statistics
LyonTip 34.00

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