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UEFA Champions League Statistics
BrugesSt. PetersburgOver 3.25Tip 2.58Under 3.25Tip 1.53
Bruges-1Tip 3.95 XTip 4.07 St. Petersburg1Tip 1.76 
BrugesTip 2.22XTip 3.72St. PetersburgTip 3.38
Bruges0Tip 1.63 St. Petersburg0Tip 2.46 

Russia KHL Statistics
Magnitogorsk0.5Tip 1.72 St. Petersburg-0.5Tip 2.12 
MagnitogorskTip 2.90XTip 4.25St. PetersburgTip 2.15
MagnitogorskSt. PetersburgOver 5Tip 1.90Under 5Tip 1.86
Europe Euroleague Men Statistics
St. PetersburgFenerbahceOver 152.5Tip 2.00Under 152.5Tip 1.90
St. Petersburg-6Tip 2.03 XTip 17.00 Fenerbahce6Tip 1.92 
St. PetersburgTip 1.43XTip 15.00FenerbahceTip 3.13
St. Petersburg-5.5Tip 1.92 Fenerbahce5.5Tip 1.95 

Russia KHL Statistics
Chelyabinsk0.5Tip 1.68 St. Petersburg-0.5Tip 2.15 
ChelyabinskTip 2.81XTip 4.20St. PetersburgTip 2.20
ChelyabinskSt. PetersburgOver 5Tip 1.93Under 5Tip 1.83
Russia Premier League Statistics
St. PetersburgUral EkaterinburgOver 3Tip 2.19Under 3Tip 1.72
St. PetersburgTip 1.37XTip 5.66Ural EkaterinburgTip 9.80
St. Petersburg-1Tip 2.15 XTip 3.72 Ural Ekaterinburg1Tip 3.58 
St. Petersburg-1.5Tip 2.12 Ural Ekaterinburg1.5Tip 1.84 

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