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Russia KHL Statistics
St. PetersburgCherepovetsOver 5Tip 2.10Under 5Tip 1.82
St. Petersburg-2Tip 2.80 XTip 5.50 Cherepovets2Tip 1.93 
St. PetersburgTip 1.51XTip 5.25CherepovetsTip 6.75
St. Petersburg-1.75Tip 2.04 Cherepovets1.75Tip 1.72 

Russia KHL Statistics
St. Petersburg-1.5Tip 1.83 Dinamo Minsk1.5Tip 2.04 
St. PetersburgTip 1.45XTip 5.15Dinamo MinskTip 5.75
St. PetersburgDinamo MinskOver 5.5Tip 2.21Under 5.5Tip 1.70

Russia Premier League Statistics
St. PetersburgRostovOver 3.25Tip 2.18Under 3.25Tip 1.71
St. Petersburg-1Tip 1.95 XTip 3.74 Rostov1Tip 3.60 
St. PetersburgTip 1.31XTip 6.30RostovTip 12.00
St. Petersburg-1.75Tip 2.06 Rostov1.75Tip 1.88 
Russia KHL Statistics
St. Petersburg-0.75Tip 2.33 Jokerit0.75Tip 1.56 
St. PetersburgTip 2.18XTip 4.00JokeritTip 2.89
St. PetersburgJokeritOver 5.5Tip 2.24Under 5.5Tip 1.65
Europe Euroleague Men Statistics
St. PetersburgCrvena ZvezdaOver 145Tip 2.01Under 145Tip 1.92
St. PetersburgTip 1.22Crvena ZvezdaTip 4.50
St. Petersburg-10Tip 2.10 XTip 19.00 Crvena Zvezda10Tip 1.80 
St. Petersburg-9Tip 1.97 Crvena Zvezda9Tip 1.91 

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Carlos Alcaraz stuns Matteo Berrettini to reach Vienna semis
Frances Tiafoe upsets No. 1 Stefanos Tsitsipas in Vienna
Denis Shapovalov rallies in St. Petersburg
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