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Russia KHL Statistics
PodolskSochiOver 5Tip 2.16Under 5Tip 1.79
PodolskTip 1.81XTip 4.30SochiTip 3.70
Podolsk-1Tip 2.40 XTip 6.75 Sochi1Tip 2.00 
Podolsk-1.25Tip 2.18 Sochi1.25Tip 1.63 

Russia KHL Statistics
Spartak Moscow-1.5Tip 2.06 Sochi1.5Tip 1.82 
Spartak MoscowSochiOver 5Tip 2.23Under 5Tip 1.61
Spartak MoscowTip 1.57XTip 4.70SochiTip 5.00

Russia KHL Statistics
SochiTorpedo NovgorodOver 5.5Tip 2.30Under 5.5Tip 1.58
SochiTip 2.89XTip 4.04Torpedo NovgorodTip 2.16
Sochi0.25Tip 1.88 Torpedo Novgorod-0.25Tip 1.86 

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