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Russia KHL Statistics
SochiChelyabinskOver 4.5Tip 2.21Under 4.5Tip 1.70
SochiTip 2.75XTip 3.80ChelyabinskTip 2.33
Sochi0.25Tip 1.78 Chelyabinsk-0.25Tip 1.99 

Russia Premier League Statistics
Sochi0Tip 1.90 Rostov0Tip 1.90 
Sochi-1Tip 5.50 XTip 4.32 Rostov-1Tip 5.50 
SochiRostovOver 3Tip 3.40Under 3Tip 1.32
SochiTip 2.80XTip 3.32RostovTip 2.80

Russia KHL Statistics
SochiDinamo RigaOver 4.5Tip 2.04Under 4Tip 2.24
SochiTip 2.39XTip 3.84Dinamo RigaTip 2.64
Sochi-0.25Tip 2.09 Dinamo Riga0.25Tip 1.78 

Hamilton on pole in Russia with sights on Schumacher record
Hamilton plays down his chances despite Russian pole
Hamilton on pole with Schumacher's record in sight
Hamilton fastest in final Russian GP practice
Schumacher's son sets reclaiming win record as new target
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