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England Championship Statistics
Norwich-1Tip 4.54 XTip 4.07 Brentford1Tip 1.67 
NorwichTip 2.30XTip 3.36BrentfordTip 3.44
NorwichBrentfordOver 3Tip 2.55Under 3Tip 1.56
Norwich-0.25Tip 1.95 Brentford0.25Tip 1.96 

England Championship Statistics
BrentfordRotherhamOver 3Tip 2.63Under 3Tip 1.52
BrentfordTip 1.50XTip 4.44RotherhamTip 8.49
Brentford-1Tip 2.38 XTip 3.55 Rotherham1Tip 2.75 
Brentford-1.25Tip 2.13 Rotherham1.25Tip 1.80 

England League Cup - Statistics
BrentfordTip 500.00

Bournemouth players to stop taking a knee before matches
Palace's Zaha to stop taking knee before Premier League games
Brentford players to stop taking a knee before matches
Brentford's faith in formula puts promised land in sight
Fernandes strikes knockout blow on Liverpool, Chelsea safely through
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