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England FA Cup Statistics
SunderlandFulhamOver 3.5Tip 2.95Under 3.5Tip 1.42
SunderlandTip 4.35XTip 3.92FulhamTip 1.87
Sunderland1Tip 2.06 XTip 3.80 Fulham-1Tip 3.15 
Sunderland0.75Tip 1.81 Fulham-0.75Tip 2.03 

England Premier League Statistics
Fulham-0.75Tip 2.28 Nottingham0.75Tip 1.73 
FulhamTip 2.01XTip 3.72NottinghamTip 4.10
Fulham-1Tip 3.56 XTip 3.90 Nottingham1Tip 1.89 
FulhamNottinghamOver 3Tip 2.69Under 3Tip 1.44

England Premier League Statistics
BrightonFulhamOver 3Tip 2.35Under 3Tip 1.61
BrightonTip 1.81XTip 4.04FulhamTip 4.75
Brighton-1Tip 3.00 XTip 3.95 Fulham1Tip 3.80 
Brighton-0.75Tip 2.02 Fulham0.75Tip 1.93 

Premier League talking points
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Same old problems for new-look Chelsea in draw with Fulham
Dyche faces daunting start as ailing Everton host Arsenal
Chelsea smash British transfer record to sign Benfica's Fernandez
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