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The most popular sports for betting in Asia

In terms of sports betting in Asia, the situation is a bit complex since this is the world’s largest continent with many countries having their own sports betting regulations and habits. However, several giants account for most of the Asian sports betting market. And although figures may vary in each country, these are the most popular sports for betting in Asia.


Like in many other places around the world, football is the most popular betting sport in Asia. Football is the most favorite sport of Asians who are very into all the international football leagues like the FIFA World Cup as well as the best European football competitions, especially the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League, and the Spanish La Liga. In addition, they also pay much attention to their national and local leagues. Although the quality and popularity of a league vary in each country, in general, they usually have a decent following.


Baseball is a sport that originated in the US. In Aisa, it first spread to Japan and from there to Korea, and many other Asian countries. In some Asian countries, the popularity of baseball even surpasses football.


In many countries in Asia, badminton is widely played as the most popular sport. In other countries, it is always placed in the top two or three favourite sports. As a result, the popularity of badminton itself reflects back to its popularity in betting markets.


In many Asian countries, basketball leagues such as NBA and Euro Basketball are also very popular. Therefore, mostly all Asian online casinos like Vwin Thailand, offer a wide variety of basketball betting odds to satisfy their fans.

Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong in Asia, is another popular betting sport in this continent. The sport requires little room so it is affordable for many people. Moreover, table tennis is a very exciting sport to watch since it is fast and very dynamic.


Mixed martial arts (MMA) are getting more and more popular all around the world, and Asia is not an exception. There has been an increase in bets on fights organised by Ultimate Fighting Championship - UFC as well as its Asian twin organisation, ONE. Although not all fights gain the same popularity, matches including the attendance of fan favourites like Connor McGregor, Jose Aldo, or Nate Diaz, always get serious attention.

Muay Thai

Being the most popular in Thailand and the surrounding countries, Muay Thai is also one of the preferred betting sports in Asia. Especially, the sport has become more popular since the fighting style was accepted in MMA. As a result, Muay Thai is getting a bigger and bigger international following nowadays.

The Asian market continues to be one of the biggest and most successful sports betting markets in the world. In this article, we have compiled a list of 7 most popular sports for betting in Asia, but they are not the only ones. There are so many other sports like cricket, golf, tennis, or esports, which gain more and more popularity in Asian betting markets. You can try out all of them at many Asian online sportsbooks like Vwin Thailand.