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Why South African Gamblers are turning to Paypal for their Betting Needs

Privacy is nowadays one of the most valueable features in any online service or product. Take as an example the recent and sounded Facebook privacy issues, or the case in US courts where the FBI wanted Apple to break its own encryption on an iPhone device.

Every one of us not only desires but requires top security measures from our bank's online portal or credit card provider. And if this was not enough, an easy to use and modern user interface is a must have for any website worth its salt.

Likewise, these three attributes (privacy, security and ease of use) are essential in an online casino or sports betting site. That's why these websites have to provide channels or methods for their players to deposit/withdraw money secure and seamlessly.

In this regard, gambling in south africa is a very delicate issue, since online sports betting and horse race betting are completely legal, not however online casinos, poker and bingo. Regardless of whether those companies are foreign or their servers reside outside the country.

This is where paypal gambling in south africa comes into play and gains a remarkable importance. There are market leading online casinos which offer traditional ways to deposit/withdraw for south african users, such as bank transfers and by credit/debit card.

Obviously these methods are highly secure, although PayPal offers an extra layer of anonymity. A bank transfer always identifies the beneficiary and the sender of the transaction, so there's a direct relation between the casino and a player. By using PayPal instead, you put a "man in the middle", as you can move money from your bank account to PayPal first, and then from PayPal to the casino for a deposit. Of course this is also applicable for a withdrawal but in the opposite direction.

PayPal is a payment platform for transfering money online. It can be used for purchasing products or services from any vendor which provides it as a payment method, and also to send money to any individual who owns a PayPal account as well.

Last but not least, we should note withdrawals usually take longer to complete than deposits, and for this PayPal is much quicker than their counterpart bank withdrawals, which may take over a week some times. Fast, secure and anonymous, so an ideal payment gateway for south african gamblers.