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The Importance of Jockey Performance in Making the Right Horse Race Bet

One of the biggest questions that always comes up when anyone is discussing horse racing is just how important the jockeys are for any winning horse. This question carries over into the betting world, as bettors consider jockey performance when choosing which horse to bet on.

But how does one analyse a jockey's performance? Is there a way to know which jockeys and trainers are making their horses run faster? And should bettors be placing more emphasis on the jockey or the horse?

These questions are important to any horse race bettor who is trying to devise a winning strategy. There are a few factors that each bettor should consider when analysing the jockey of a particular horse.

Things like the training that the jockey has had, the historical career performance of the jockey and the training team, and the riding style and conditioning of the jockey all make a difference to the performance of the horse.

Let’s take a look at each of these factors in a bit more detail:

Training of the Jockey

Just like the horses themselves, the jockeys have all trained throughout their lives to become professional racers. Some jockeys may have had more training, or trained at more prestigious jockey schools, to get where they are in their racing careers.

The training process for any jockey includes getting both the mental and physical side of the sport in check. Any good jockey will be able to ride a racing horse along a track of any distance and any condition, without too many hiccups.

A well-trained jockey will also be able to communicate with their horses effectively, to usher them around the racetrack at high speeds. Being trained in these aspects is hugely important to any successful jockey.

The training background of the jockey should be an important factor worth considering for any bettor before they place their bet. So, before you place your bet at Ladbrokes Australia or any other top rated site, be sure to have a look at the training history of all jockeys taking place in the race.

Historical Career Performance of the Jockey

Like in any form of sports betting, the historical data of the competitors should influence your bet when getting into the horse race betting industry.

Not only will the historical performance of the jockey influence your bet, but it will also influence the odds that the bookmakers place on each horse. Jockeys who are in great form and who have good career records will be given better odds of finishing the race in a podium position.

If you want to place a safe bet, choose a jockey that has strong historical career performance.

Conditioning and Riding Style

The riding style of each particular jockey taking place in a horse race will also affect the performance of the horse itself. Jockeys who are skilled at reading how a race is progressing will be able to adapt their style and improve their chances of winning.

This is all a part of analysing the training and conditioning of a jockey pre-race. A jockey who has a strong training background will be physically and mentally ready for whatever a horse race may throw at him. These are the jockeys you should be betting your money on.