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Norwegian Online Casinos

Although some forms of gambling (like horse/sports betting and lottery) are permitted, physical casinos are not currently allowed in Norway and there are only two state companies authorized to provide online gambling, but none of them offer online casino among their games.

Where to go?

So if you are from Norway and want to enjoy the thrill of playing in an online casino, you may be wondering if there is any website with such service and also built/written in your language.

Well, there is! Here you will find a detailed online casino guide for Norwegians. All the information you need regarding free spins, bonuses, which one suits best according to the players bankroll and other features.

You will be able to dive into classic games like Blackjack and Roulette, but it covers a wide range of newer and state of the art Slots too. Wait, that's not all! Discover another fun game still unknown to many Norwegians, Punto Banco; a simpler variant of the Baccarat card game.

All the listed online casinos are trustworthy, provide an outstanding experience and remember, they have Norwegian support.

Don't miss a thing

Another common issue with online casinos is that they launch and cancel promotions in the short term, bonuses are updated daily, important news emerge constantly... It might become overwhelming trying to keep ourselves up to date and trendy. gathers in a single point all what a Norwegian casino player needs to be aware of.

A deep analysis is performed on every aspect of each Norwegian casino, their bonus, free spins, slots, phone app (iPhone & iPad, Android), support, payment/withdrawal methods, etc. You also have at your disposal a Chat with support, a public Chatroom, you can even leave a comment or enquiry, and get feedback from other players. So you won't be alone!

Quality of Service

There are other internationally already known web sites that facilitate an online casino as a service, but they lack a Norwegian version of their site, do not support NOK as currency or can't communicate in your language. Only the online casinos reviewed in the mentioned two sources, guarantee a high level of service in Norwegian.

You know where to go now, don't miss the chance and enjoy top quality online casinos!