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Russia KHL Statistics
AstanaDynamo MoscowOver 5.5Tip 2.11Under 5.5Tip 1.76
AstanaTip 2.76XTip 4.14Dynamo MoscowTip 2.21
Astana0.25Tip 1.84 Dynamo Moscow-0.25Tip 1.90 

Russia KHL Statistics
Nizhnekamsk-0.75Tip 2.22 Astana0.75Tip 1.61 
NizhnekamskTip 2.10XTip 4.10AstanaTip 2.99
NizhnekamskAstanaOver 6Tip 2.48Under 6Tip 1.50

Europe VTB Statistics
KalevAstanaOver 154Tip 1.87Under 154Tip 1.95
Kalev-3Tip 2.04 XTip 16.00 Astana3Tip 1.90 
Kalev-2.5Tip 1.97 Astana2.5Tip 1.97 

Kwon the first South Korean to win on ATP Tour in 18 years
Nibali returns to Astana after five years
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