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Russia Super League Statistics
VladivostokTip 4.21UfaTip 1.18
Vladivostok9Tip 1.92 XTip 10.00 Ufa-9Tip 1.92 
Vladivostok9.5Tip 1.78 Ufa-9.5Tip 1.92 
VladivostokUfaOver 145.5Tip 1.89Under 145.5Tip 1.82
Russia KHL Statistics
UfaCherepovetsOver 5Tip 2.10Under 5Tip 1.74
UfaTip 1.47XTip 5.00CherepovetsTip 5.70
Ufa-2Tip 2.25 Cherepovets2Tip 1.67 
Ufa-3Tip 5.10 XTip 5.40 Cherepovets2Tip 2.00 

Russia Cup Statistics
Vladikavkaz1Tip 1.49 XTip 3.92 Ufa-1Tip 4.84 
Vladikavkaz0.25Tip 1.69 Ufa-0.25Tip 2.04 
VladikavkazTip 2.74XTip 3.24UfaTip 2.41
VladikavkazUfaOver 3Tip 2.84Under 3Tip 1.37

Russia KHL Statistics
OmskUfaOver 5Tip 2.16Under 5Tip 1.65
OmskTip 2.35XTip 3.96UfaTip 2.65
Omsk-0.25Tip 2.08 Ufa0.25Tip 1.79 

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