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Russia KHL Statistics
UfaDynamo MoscowOver 5.5Tip 2.02Under 5.5Tip 1.92
UfaTip 2.41XTip 4.38Dynamo MoscowTip 2.68
Ufa-0.25Tip 2.11 Dynamo Moscow0.25Tip 1.84 

Russia Premier League Statistics
Rostov-0.75Tip 2.02 Ufa0.75Tip 1.92 
Rostov-1Tip 3.20 XTip 3.38 Ufa1Tip 2.17 
RostovUfaOver 2.75Tip 2.84Under 2.75Tip 1.45
RostovTip 1.80XTip 3.72UfaTip 5.41

Russia KHL Statistics
UfaMagnitogorskOver 5.5Tip 2.17Under 5.5Tip 1.72
UfaTip 2.17XTip 4.20MagnitogorskTip 2.90
Ufa-0.5Tip 2.34 Magnitogorsk0.5Tip 1.54 

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