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Is Rugby a sport worth betting on?

Rugby is not as popular as football in the world of sports betting. However, it’s an international sport that is very popular in Europe and other parts of the world. The number of rugby bettors also increases every year because people are realizing that it’s quite predictable than other sports一making it easier to place individual and team winning bets.

If you’ve been thinking about it but are skeptical about betting on rugby, then we have reasons that can help you decide whether to try betting on rugby.

Reasons you should try Rugby Betting

If you don’t know how rugby works, then it may be difficult for you to decide which bets to place and when. Rugby is a simple sport that focuses on strength and endurance. It’s also surprising to some that it’s also not about size.

It needs everywhere from short and thin, to smart, speedy, and heavy players to score goals and keep the match going. It’s an exciting sport and adrenaline junkies usually love it because of its physicality.

International Events

Rugby is not limited to domestic matches and events. Therefore you’ll find several international events to bet on. This includes the World Cup which takes place every four years and sports betting sites usually feature bonuses concerning it when it takes place.

You’ll also find events specific to certain regions like the European Rugby Champions Cup. here you’ll find European national teams facing each other, including Italy, England, Ireland, Scotland, and France, to name a few.

There’s also the Super Rugby competition with teams like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and more. Even if you’re using foreign betting sites, you’ll find the rugby sport featured because of its international presence.

In-Play Betting

Rugby is more predictable than football, which makes its in-play betting an ideal bet to opt for when you’re looking to increase your balance. The trick here is being informed about how a rugby match is played and the strengths of the teams playing.

If a team that’s known for speedy players has moved closer to the try line, then you can bet that a score is coming soon.

Handicap Betting

Rugby handicap betting is advantageous because some rugby matches can be one-sided and odds can be very short-priced for punters. A team can easily earn seven for one converted try or three points for a penalty.

So, unlike with football, in rugby, the winning team isn’t seen by frequenting the in-goal area. Again, the trick is knowing the game and the team that’s most likely to win. For instance, if England is playing against Argentina, and a 15-point handicap is at 2.0 in favor of England winning, then you’d score a winning wager because England would probably win.

Rugby is Worth Betting On, You Just Have to Know How

There are many bets you can place on rugby. It’s one of the games you’d find a list of betting markets on in a sportsbook. On top of that, there are always rugby events to partake in, making it a part of many sportsbooks’ live sections.

For a successful in-play, handicap, individual, or other types of bets, the aim is to know how a rugby match goes. You’ll have an advantage in placing winning bets if you know which teams play better and which players are high performers in their positions.

If you’ve recently discovered the excitement of watching and wagering on a rugby match, binge-watch those matches and even find old ones to see what goes on in the rugby space. Once you do, you’ll seldom go wrong on your wagers.