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Online poker in the USA

It is estimated that 25% percent of the gambled gross amount is made online, also due to the ease of use for players, that number is expected to keep growing. In fact, most beginners dare to join an online venue or poker room because the initial stake they need to risk is very low, even less than $1.

Shortly after the origins of online poker, back in the late 90s, there was a burst in the online offering of this game. Many refuted online bookmakers acquired existing online poker providers or created their own websites to cope with the increasing demand.

In the USA online poker in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware states is legal since 2013. Not however in the rest of the country, that is why major gambling sites operate only in the mentioned states.

Online poker rooms make money with the rake, an entry fee, side bets or even by investing the bankroll of their players. Not many of the people who play poker online really know their deposits are partly being invested, just like any traditional bank does with client accounts.

Although there have been complaints from players regarding a reportedly fraud or suspicious behavior in the games, by the software poker websites use, the truth is that many online poker operators regularly carry audits by trusted third parties. They already gain considerable earnings with the previously cited four methods, so it does not seem to be worth risking their reputation for some extra income.

A notorious difference between traditional poker and online poker is the speed of the game. The latter is played three times faster on average, basically because actions like card collecting, shuffling and dealing are instantaneous. There is no human intervention.

The biggest singularity of the online poker though, might be the chance to play multiple games (in different rooms) at the same time. This way a player may not only increase their earning in the same period, but also play more cautiously by dividing their bankroll among several games. The same way an investor diversifies their capital among several investments.

In the late years, many poker sites have started using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so they can accept players from the USA and yet be in compliance with the law.

Finally, let's not forget bonuses in order to attract new players. So if you still haven't tried, it might be worth giving it a go.