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Online Betting in Canada

While Canadians are legally limited to online casinos that are licensed within their borders, they have access to hundreds of online betting outlets that aren’t licensed within their borders. I mean, hey, online gambling is illegal in most of the United States, but that doesn’t stop US gamblers from creating a multimillion-dollar online betting market.

This means that it’d be good — damn good — to be an online gambler based in Canada, if for no other reason than the pure number of options. In terms of finding the best of the best out there, expert review sites direct you to the safest and most exciting, and even narrow it by type, so you don’t have to worry about endless scrolling and researching. However, getting a general overview of what you can expect can be important.

Types of Online Betting Outlets

Online betting comes in a handful of different shapes and sizes, and which you choose to go with is dependent on where your interests lie. You can play at an online casino, where you’ll find Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, and more. You can place bets at Sportsbooks, where bettors bet on team sports, individual sports, races, and even entertainment. Poker Rooms pit players against each other in a real-time multiplayer format, and Bingo Rooms are just what they sound like: websites where you can play Bingo for real money.

Online Casinos

Any game where it’s you against the casino in luck or strategy-based fashion would fall under the online casino category. These include classic card and table games, which feature graphics, animation, sound effects, and the same odds and winning potential as their physical counterparts that make them just as viable as playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. This is all without mentioning the near countless number of Slots and Video Poker variations you’ll find. As long as you go with a recommended casino from an expert site, the return to player percentages will be higher than your nearest regular casino, guaranteed.


You can bet on the win or lose moneyline bets, the points spread bets that make betting on the favourite team more viable, on their being a tie, on a specific player accomplishing something, who will be up in the first quart, who will score first, and so on, and this is just when you’re betting on team sports. Some of the bets you can make at the horseraces just by sitting at your computer is comparable in payout to the national lottery. Online sports betting is extremely popular right now, and with the bonuses they’re offering, now is as good a time as any to check them out.

Poker Rooms

These are normally (If not always?) download-only options, and they are often only available to download for those with a PC. However, even beginner players can build up their bankroll by betting conservatively, and experienced players can really dig their heals in and knock out other players, getting massive payouts just by knowing the game inside and out. Poker rooms have always been one of the most popular online betting options, and the fluidity of the gameplay is better than it’s ever been.

Bingo Rooms

Not very exciting in terms of writing about it in comparison to the other three types of online betting, but Bingo Rooms can be a fun, relaxing way to win money in what is probably the easy game to play. Just like at a local community center or church, you can have X number of cards and place your markers as they’re called out. Sometimes Bingo rooms have fixed payouts, while other times they are dependent on how many players bought cards in that specific round.

All-Inclusive Casinos

Some casinos have all of the above available in one place. We’re talking casino games, a poker room, sports betting, and Bingo, all within the same site, and all available to play with one bankroll. These aren’t as common as the more focused casinos, and if you’re an avid lover of one option and that option only, you can ignore this. But if you like to spread your bets around and enjoy a fresh change of pace from time to time, these are the online betting sites to keep your eye out for.