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Online casino

Before the widespread of the internet, traditional casinos (commonly known as "brick and mortar" casinos) were often perceived as an elitist gambling activity. Kind of a hobby for the rich. However, that is not the case anymore. A broadband connection is practically a must have on any middle class home, so that has normalized many products and services which a couple of decades ago were too expensive to acquire, difficult to reach or almost unknown to a large part of the population.

Online casinos are nowadays within the reach of anyone who enjoys playing any of the games available on this modern gambling. Anytime, anywhere. In the comfort of your living room, waiting for the bus, in a friends gathering... you just name it.

However, that does not mean that all that glitters is gold. With the expansion of virtual casinos, distinguishing between high and low quality sites has become a tricky task. A novice player may not realize the drawbacks involved in playing on a casino which is not good enough until it's too late. Bonuses, withdrawal methods, licenses, etc. There are several features which make a difference, and taking the time to identify each one of them is not the most appealing for someone who simply wants to disconnect and have a good time. But don't worry, there are certain websites aimed at helping playes choose an appropiate online casino based on reliable reviews.


Online casino games can be divided into two groups depending on how they create the randomness they need to operate: Either live or virtual. The former is similar to the way land-based casinos work, although the cost of providing these type of games is quite high, turning into a more expensive user experience. That's why virtual casinos, with software based randomness games, are the most desired option among players.
Popular games include bingo, dice games, roulette, slot machines or card games (baccarat, blackjack, poker).


Online casinos typically offer different bonuses to players for specific situations, such as a welcome bonus, a no deposit bonus, a cashback/insurance bonus or even specials. They are a means of enticing players to start or continue playing, so the site can keep making a profit. Let's not forget every game has a house edge, that's where the saying "the house never loses" comes from.


Each country decides whether to allow online gambling (under certain conditions) or to restrict foreign casinos in its jurisdiction (even blocking them). An online casino licensed to operate in the player's country is usually a proof of trust, so you can play safely.

If you still haven't dived into the fun of online gambling, first take a look at an online casino guide by experts and follow their recommendation in order to enjoy right from the start.