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Why You Should Bet on the Underdog

It’s undeniable that sports betting takes a lot of strategy. Any veteran sports bettor will tell you to consider a multitude of factors before placing your bet. These factors include the performance of the competitors, the conditions and weather on the day, and the player and team form.

But one strategy always sticks out as a great way to make large winnings. That strategy is betting on the underdog.

The underdog in any sports bet generally has lower odds of winning, which can present you with much more money to take home, should you place that bet.

Of course, betting on the underdog is a riskier strategy, than placing a safer bet on the favourite to win a particular sports game. But that’s exactly what the strategy entails - higher risk for higher reward. Placing an underdog bet is exciting and it could make you very rich!

So, let’s take a look at a few reasons that you should take the leap of faith, and place an underdog bet:

High Potential Returns

This is perhaps the most obvious reason to place a bet on the underdog. The most effective way to do sports betting, according to many veterans who have made a career out of sports betting, is to place consistent bets on the favourites.

The only problem is that these high-odds favourite bets have much lower payouts than the lower odds, underdog bets. This is because no one expects the underdog to win - that’s why they’re called the underdog.

This is why betting on the underdog will have a much higher potential for high-value returns - because no one expects the underdog to win. So, you’ll want to be there when they eventually and inevitably pull off an upset.

Betting on this type of outcome in sports will result in much higher profits for you. If you’re a bettor who wants to make big flips, instead of getting smaller, more consistent betting wins, then you’ll want to place more underdog bets, instead of betting on the favourites.

Underdogs Tend to Have the Psychological Advantage

Many bettors tend to underestimate the value of an underdog’s psychological advantage in sports betting. The team that has less pressure to win may end up taking the gold. This is because they can go into a game or a tournament with a “we’ve got nothing to lose attitude”.

This is the type of attitude that you, as the sports bettor taking a chance on the underdog, should also go into the tournament with. This type of psychological advantage may end up paying huge dividends for the underdog team in any sports tournament, and you, the bettor.

Teams that are psychologically strained, and who have more expectations to win, may end up underperforming due to the weight of said expectations. The underdogs may feel more relaxed heading into the matchup, which could enhance their performance levels.

The Unpredictability of Sports

Predicting the outcome of a sports game is a difficult task. This is because sports are generally highly unpredictable, and anything can truly end up happening.

Sure, historical data and team form play a role in predicting the favourites for any online betting NZ activity, but this doesn’t mean that they’re nailed on to win. An underdog has the potential to cause an upset at any time, and as a bettor, you’ll want to be there when they do.