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David Price

There are a lot of questions being asked about the famous baseball player, David Price. He seems to have everything in his life but we do not why he is being so aggressive. On a personal level, he got married and he already has a son. He is one of the most highly paid baseball players. This guy seems to have everything in his life in order. Why then would he be so sour that he is engaging in fist fights so often? Lately, he has been having fights with the Boston Media. This has actually had to a verbal confrontation with Baseball Hall of Famer, who is also team broadcaster, Dennis Eckersley.

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The new policy now allows Price to only speak to the media after his matches. This was actually a choice he made himself. He considers himself to be very thoughtful as well as brilliant. However, after the verbal confrontation with Dennis Eckersley it becomes difficult for people to believe what he says about himself.

The Boston Globe reported the confrontation on Friday night. Most people are thinking that the confrontation could have emanated from Eckersley’s criticism. Eckersley had questioned Price about his failure to cover first base in the fourth inning. Mistakes are common and on the flipside, Eckersley could have asked Price general questions. Mistakes in online casino gaming are also common however, one can make his gaming skill perfect by using some of the real money bonuses to practice.

Palmer, later Twitted that Price picked a fight because of Eckersley’s critcism about Eduardo Rodriguez’s performance. Eckersley in actual fact criticized Rodriguez.

Evidently, Price shares some form of an unbreakable bond with the 24-year-old Rodriguez. He is quite sensitive to issues that have anything to do with him. Price might be thinking that his younger teammates are supporting him which explains why he is getting bad-tempered these days. However, someone has to explain to Price that he is not doing himself a favor by being bad-tempered.