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The Easiest Sports to Bet On Online

Newcomers to sports betting should consider many different factors before placing their first-ever bet. Some of these factors include looking at the underdogs versus the favourite, looking at player form and team tactics, and analysing the weather conditions on the day of the game.

But most importantly, any good sports bettor should first look at which sport it is they want to bet on. A big mistake that many new sports bettors make is deciding to bet on the sport that they enjoy watching the most.

Following this emotional and personable tactic may end up being detrimental, as the chosen sport may be difficult to predict, and thus difficult to bet on. Instead, any good sports bettor should start by betting on sports that are easy to predict and make winnings on.

Some sports simply have fewer variables to consider when placing bets, while some sports are influenced by hundreds, maybe even thousands of different variables. The latter are sports that you should only bet on once you’ve got some real sports betting experience under your belt.

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at three of the easiest sports to bet on…

3) European Football/Soccer

There is a reason that many people call soccer the world’s favourite game. It is extremely simple to understand and extremely easy to watch. In addition to this, it is also relatively easy to predict, in comparison to many other sports.

This is because some teams are so clearly better than other teams. Take for example the English Premier League. Manchester City are obviously the best team in that league, and betting on them to win any given game is a surefire way to make some quick money.

When looking at the European soccer landscape, there are also endless options for bettors to choose from. There are five top European leagues with plenty of teams to bet on.

Finally, there are games almost every weekend, meaning that as a bettor, you could truly make an endless stream of weekly income, should you place bets consistently.

All-in-all, for all the reasons mentioned above, soccer is a great beginner sport for newbie bettors.

2) NBA/Basketball

Like soccer, basketball is an extremely easy sport to watch and to understand. It is, by far, one of the most prominent and popular sports to bet on.

The sport is extremely fast-paced and there are plenty of pre-match commentaries, punditry, and build-up that you can analyse to understand which teams and players you should be placing your bets on.

1) Horse Racing

In terms of global sporting popularity, horse racing is surely not as popular as something like the NBA or European Football. But sports bettors will often tell you that horse race betting is an industry where money moves around frequently.

Horse racing has many factors that should come into consideration when placing a bet. Things like the performance of the jockey, the conditioning and training of the horse, and the distance of the racetrack, will all influence the outcome of a race. You also need to look at the odds as the Caulfield Cup odds at one bookmaker may differ from another, and the same applies to every other race.

Having this many factors to consider can all give you a good indication of which horse will perform best. This adds to the predictability of the race, which could help you place an accurate bet.