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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming Ice Hockey events.

Bet type
01 December 2020
Russia KHL
12:00AstanaSochiOver 5Tip 2.17Under 5Tip 1.70
13:30NovosibirskSpartak MoscowOver 5Tip 2.08Under 5Tip 1.76
Russia VHL
14:30OrskDinamo St. PetersburgOver 5Tip 2.36Under 5Tip 1.55
14:30UchalySt. Petersburg IIOver 5.5Tip 2.68Under 5.5Tip 1.47
14:30KurganKhimikOver 5Tip 2.66Under 5Tip 1.44
14:30UchalyKareliaOver 5Tip 2.21Under 5Tip 1.62
15:00Chelmet ChelyabinskRyazanOver 5Tip 2.31Under 5Tip 1.57
Russia KHL
15:00OmskKazanOver 5Tip 2.38Under 5Tip 1.58
Czech Republic 1. Liga
16:00JihlavaSlavia PragueOver 5.5Tip 2.07Under 5.5Tip 1.77
16:00HavirovKolinOver 6Tip 1.98Under 6Tip 1.82
16:00Usti Nad LabemTrebicOver 6Tip 2.02Under 6Tip 1.74
Czech Republic Extraliga
17:00Sparta PragueTrinecOver 5.5Tip 2.03Under 5.5Tip 1.85
17:00ZlinVitkoviceOver 5.5Tip 2.49Under 5.5Tip 1.56
Russia KHL
17:00Torpedo NovgorodChelyabinskOver 5Tip 2.02Under 5Tip 1.80
17:00YaroslavlCherepovetsOver 5Tip 2.28Under 5Tip 1.66
17:00NizhnekamskDinamo MinskOver 5.5Tip 1.92Under 5.5Tip 1.94
Czech Republic 1. Liga
17:00ProstejovKladnoOver 6Tip 1.88Under 6Tip 1.88
Finland SM-liiga
17:30LukkoHIFKOver 6Tip 2.28Under 6Tip 1.64
17:30HameenlinnaSaiPaOver 5.5Tip 2.51Under 5Tip 1.68
17:30KarpatIlvesOver 5.5Tip 2.00Under 5.5Tip 1.85
17:30VaasaTapparaOver 5Tip 1.92Under 5Tip 1.89
Czech Republic Extraliga
17:30LitvinovMlada BoleslavOver 5.5Tip 2.20Under 5.5Tip 1.71
Russia KHL
17:30CSKA MoscowKunlunOver 5.5Tip 1.93Under 5.5Tip 1.92
17:30Dynamo MoscowMagnitogorskOver 5Tip 2.04Under 5Tip 1.79
Czech Republic 1. Liga
17:30VsetinFrydek MistekOver 5.5Tip 2.01Under 5.5Tip 1.82
17:30Benatky nad JizerouPrerovOver 5.5Tip 2.02Under 5.5Tip 1.81
Slovakia Extraliga
18:00ZvolenNitraOver 5.5Tip 1.96Under 5.5Tip 1.85
18:00PopradKosiceOver 5.5Tip 2.01Under 5.5Tip 1.85
18:00TrencinLiptovsky MikulasOver 6.5Tip 1.66Under 6.5Tip 2.20
Czech Republic Extraliga
18:00MountfieldKometa BrnoOver 5.5Tip 2.17Under 5.5Tip 1.73
18:00Hradec KraloveKometa BrnoOver 5.5Tip 2.16Under 5Tip 1.99
18:00OlomoucKarlovy VaryOver 5Tip 2.07Under 5Tip 1.80
18:00PardubiceCeske BudejoviceOver 5.5Tip 2.06Under 5.5Tip 1.81
18:00LiberecPlzenOver 5.5Tip 2.17Under 5.5Tip 1.73
Czech Republic 1. Liga
18:00KadanVrchlabiOver 6Tip 1.90Under 6Tip 1.85
18:00SokolovSumperkOver 6Tip 2.08Under 6Tip 1.70
Europe MOL Liga
18:30SzekesfehervarDunaujvarosOver 5.51.61Under 5.52.09
Norway GET-ligaen
19:00Frisk AskerStorhamarOver 5.5Tip 1.92Under 5.5Tip 1.89
Sweden SHL
19:00RogleHV 71Over 5.5Tip 2.04Under 5.5Tip 1.88
19:00RogleJonkopingOver 5.5Tip 1.95Under 5.5Tip 1.75
19:00VaxjoFrolundaOver 5.5Tip 2.28Under 5.5Tip 1.67
19:00SkellefteaLuleaOver 5Tip 1.92Under 5Tip 1.95
19:00MalmoLinkopingOver 5.5Tip 1.97Under 5.5Tip 1.90
19:00DjurgardenLeksandOver 5.5Tip 1.95Under 5.5Tip 1.90
Denmark Metal Ligaen
19:00HerlevAalborgOver 5.5Tip 1.97Under 5.5Tip 1.88
19:00HerningRodovreOver 5.5Tip 1.74Under 5.5Tip 2.18
19:00OdenseRungstedOver 6.5Tip 1.82Under 6.5Tip 2.01
19:00FrederikshavnSonderjyskEOver 5.5Tip 2.06Under 5.5Tip 1.81
Austria EHL
19:15VSVKlagenfurtOver 5.5Tip 2.17Under 5.5Tip 1.73
19:15SalzburgSzekesfehervarOver 5.5Tip 1.79Under 5.5Tip 2.09
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