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The table below shows the highest or best paid odds by bookmakers to each possible outcome, according to the bet type selected, in the most upcoming events of Ice Hockey USA.

Bet type
08 October 2015
NHL Eastern Conference - 00:00
Tampa Bay Lightning6.00
New York Rangers6.50
Pittsburgh Penguins7.00
Montreal Canadiens7.00
Boston Bruins9.00
New York Islanders10.50
Washington Capitals11.00
Detroit Red Wings13.00
Columbus Blue Jackets21.00
Philadelphia Flyers23.00
Ottawa Senators21.00
Florida Panthers26.00
New Jersey Devils41.00
Toronto Maple Leafs41.00
Carolina Hurricanes46.00
Buffalo Sabres66.00
NHL Western Conference - 00:00
Chicago Blackhawks4.50
Anaheim Ducks6.50
St. Louis Blues7.50
Los Angeles Kings10.00
Nashville Predators10.50
Minnesota Wild10.50
Calgary Flames16.00
San Jose Sharks17.00
Dallas Stars26.00
Colorado Avalanche26.00
Edmonton Oilers41.00
Arizona Coyotes66.00

15 June 2016
NHL - 00:00
Pittsburgh PenguinsTip 12.00
Chicago BlackhawksTip 8.75
Anaheim DucksTip 9.50
St. Louis BluesTip 13.00
New York RangersTip 11.00
Tampa Bay LightningTip 11.00
Montreal CanadiensTip 15.00
Calgary FlamesTip 27.00
Los Angeles KingsTip 17.00
New York IslandersTip 20.00
Nashville PredatorsTip 18.00
Washington CapitalsTip 20.00
Minnesota WildTip 21.00
Boston BruinsTip 23.00
Columbus Blue JacketsTip 35.00
WinnipegTip 32.00
VancouverTip 29.00
Detroit Red WingsTip 29.00
San Jose SharksTip 30.00
Ottawa SenatorsTip 38.00

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